Stanford University Admission 2024/2025: Cost, Programs, Deadlines, Requirements & Acceptance Rate

Stanford University Admission

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Stanford University Acceptance Rate

Stanford University Admission Deadlines

Stanford University Tuition/Fees

Stanford University Admission

Admission to Stanford University are offered to prospective students in the terms of fall, spring or winter. A handful of programs at Stanford are available in the summer term for international aspirants. Despite of the optional requirement of standardized test scores, acceptance rate of 3.95% in contrast to the 5.1% acceptance rate of the previous year reflects the increase in competition for Stanford admission. More than 50% of the accepted students choose a Stanford degree in STEM discipline.


  • Stanford Class Profile 2025: Stanford University received 55,471 applications, the largest pool in university’s history for the class of 2025, out of which, only 2190 applicants were admitted. International students from 72 countries comprise 12% of the total student population of the university. This reflects an increase, compared to students from 56 countries in the previous year.
  • Programs: The university offers admission to international students across 200 graduate programs and 69 undergraduate programs. Computer Science and Information Systems is one of the top-rated programs with the global subject wise ranking of Stanford University at #2 acording to QS Rankings by Subject.
  • Admission Deadlines: The university observes a restrictive early action deadline on November 1 and the regular decision deadline on January 5. The admission decision of the university is usually released within 6- 7 weeks, post submission of application. The university charges an application fee of 90 USD (~6700 INR) for undergraduate programs and 125 USD (~9300 INR) for graduate courses except MBA. However, it offers application fee waiver to students facing financial hardship.
  • Admission Requirements: Students must be the toppers of their class in their previous academic program to acquire a place in Stanford University. The average GPA of the admitted students at Stanford is 3.96 on a 4.0 scale (~95%). Since standardized test scores are optional for Stanford University admissions, special attention should be given to the recommendations, SOP and Stanford questions.

Stanford University Application Deadlines


The following table shows the deadlines for undergraduate students willing to apply for Stanford University admissions. All freshmen applicants are required to submit their admission application by 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time) on the specified deadline.

Application with Arts Portfolio DeadlineEarly Action: October 15
Regular Decision: December 5
Standard Application DeadlineEarly Action: November 1
Regular Decision: January 5
Decision Released ByEarly Action: December 15
Regular Decision: April 1
Student Reply DateEarly Action: May 1
Regular Decision: May 1

Graduate application deadlines at Stanford vary based on the program. Early applications will ensure that the student is able to complete the admission process on time and will be able to apply for a visa to study in the USA.

Stanford University Admission Deadline

ProgramApplication Deadline
M.S Aeronautics and AstronauticsFall Application Deadline[7 Dec, 2022]
M.Sc Computational and Mathematical EngineeringFall Application Deadline[12 Jan, 2022]
M.S Mechanical EngineeringFall Application Deadline[1 Dec, 2022]
M.S Electrical EngineeringFall Application Deadline[7 Dec, 2022]
M.Sc Computer ScienceFall Application Deadline[7 Dec, 2022]
M.Sc Applied PhysicsFall Application Deadline[14 Dec, 2022]
M.B.ARound 3 Deadline[12 Apr, 2022], Round 3 Decision date[26 May, 2022]
M.B.A FinanceRound 3 Deadline[12 Apr, 2022], Decision Notification[26 May, 2022]
M.S Computational and Mathematical Engineering – Data ScienceFall Application Deadline[12 Jan, 2022]
M.S Computational and Mathematical Engineering – FinanceFall Application Deadline[12 Jan, 2022]

Stanford University Undergraduate Admission

Undergraduate programs at Stanford University are offered in more than 65 major fields of study. Out of the total students at Stanford University, 14% are international students hailing from over 66 countries. Around 1,800 undergraduate and 30 transfer students are admitted every year to the university.

How to Apply: International undergraduate applicants can apply either through the Common Application OR Coalition Application.
Application Fee: 90 USD (Non-refundable)
Stanford Undergraduate Academic Requirements: International undergraduate students must have completed school with good academic standing (GPA equivalent of 95% and above) in the following subjects to be eligible for Stanford University admissions.

  • English: Four years, with emphasis on writing and literature.
  • Mathematics: Four years, with emphasis on fundamental mathematical skills such as algebra, trigonometry, plane, solid and analytic geometry.
  • History/Social Studies: Three or more years.
  • Science: Three more years of laboratory science including biology, chemistry, and physics
  • Foreign Language: Three or more years of the same foreign language.
  • Standardized Test Scores: ACT or SAT score requirements are optional for first-year and transfer applicants willing to enter Stanford. These scores are valid for a period of five years.
  • English Language Proficiency: Certain standardized test scores.

Supporting Documents:

  • Completed online admission application form
  • Academic transcripts from senior secondary school along with their English translations
  • Personal essays
  • Two academic LOR (from a teacher)
  • School report and a counselor LOR
  • Applicants must identify recommenders and email addresses.
  • Resume: Aspirants must make sure to mention any of their publications in the CV.

Note: Admission requirements for transfer students are the same as for UG admission. Only the deadlines differ. The courses studied are first matched with that of the university and if found fit, the students can get a transfer to Stanford.

English Proficiency Requirements

Non-native English speakers are also required to submit proof of English proficiency through one of the standardized tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or other equivalent exams. The minimum required scores accepted at the university are:

English TestMinimum Scores Required

Stanford University Graduate Admission

At Stanford, there are around 15,000 matriculated students of which 34% are international students enrolled in 90+ graduate fields. Each graduate course has a different requirement and application process. International students applying for admission at Stanford University can only apply to one graduate program in an academic year. It is recommended that students make the right choice of program keeping in mind their interests and skills.

How to apply: The applications are filed through the respective school’s website.
Application Fee: 125 USD (for all master programs except MBA)
Academic Requirements for International Students:

  • International students must have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a recognized university or college.
  • Proof of standardized exams such as GRE, GMAT, or LSAT is also required. There is no minimum score requirement for graduate study at Stanford, however, students with high scores have much higher chances of admission.
  • Stanford only accepts TOEFL scores as proof of English proficiency. IELTS or other tests are not accepted at the university.*

The minimum TOEFL scores required for graduate admission are as follows:

  • Humanities, Social Sciences, Education: 100 (iBT); 600 (PBT)
  • Engineering: 89 (iBT); 575 (PBT).

*It must be noted that graduate business programs do accept other English proficiency test scores such as IELTS or PTE in place of TOEFL.

Supporting Documents: While applying for a graduate program, applicants are required to submit the following as specified by their program:

  • GMAT or GRE score.
  • Concise & well-written SOPs must be included with the graduate application. An SOP for USA universities must include:
    • Reasons for applying for the proposed program
    • Preparation for the field of study
    • Research interests
    • Future career plans
    • Other background information that may aid in the evaluation of admission applications
  • 2 or 3 LOR for USA
  • Supplemental Form: A few graduate master’s programs (mostly engineering) require students to submit the supplemental form that includes other details such as a list of publications websites, etc.
  • Interview: This is a requirement for only a few programs such as MBA. After the evaluation of the application, the admission committee might call for an interview.

International Degree Equivalents

Stanford University’s assessment of an international degree is based on the national educational system, type of institution attended, and the level of studies completed. The table below shows the minimum level of study required by international applicants while applying for graduate study at Stanford:

CountryMinimum Level Required
Middle EastFour-year university degree
CanadaThree-year bachelor’s degree from Quebec, a four-year bachelor’s degree from other provinces
IndiaThree-year bachelor’s degree and a two-year master’s degree following the three-year bachelor’s degree
Pakistan, Bangladesh, NepalBachelor’s degree in engineering or medicine, a master’s degree in all other fields
PhilippinesFour-year bachelor’s degree

Stanford University Subject-specific Admission Requirements

Below mentioned are some of the top master’s programs at Stanford University with their specific admission requirements:

Admission RequirementsMBAMS Mechanical EngineeringMA International PolicyMS Computer Science
Application Fee (in USD)275125125125
Letters of Recommendation (LOR)TwoThreeThreeThree
GRE/ GMATRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
English ProficiencyTOEFL (iBT)- 100; IELTS- 7.0TOEFL (iBT)- 89TOEFL (iBT)- 100TOEFL (iBT)- 89
Additional RequirementsTwo essay questions (One optional short answer question)Supplemental FormWriting Sample; Prerequisite coursework*Supplemental Form

*Prerequisites for MA International Policy: The MIP program at Stanford University requires university-level introductory courses in microeconomics and macroeconomics as a prerequisite. These courses can be taken either as part of the UG education, at another accredited educational institution, or through an approved online course. In addition, it is strongly recommended that applicants must complete an introductory course in statistics and calculus that may be helpful in preparation for the Research Methods course.

Although there is no need to complete these courses at the time of application, they must be completed prior to the start of classes in late September.

Stanford MBA Class of 2023

Even though the university does not have any minimum GPA or test scores requirements and does not require any work experience, Stanford MBA applicants have high academic excellence. Therefore it is recommended that the applicants must score well and apply as early as possible to the university.

Mentioned below are the details of the MBA class of 2023 at Stanford University. International students applying for admission can get an idea of the scores and related information that most of the MBA applicants have.

  • Total applicants: 7,342
  • Enrolled applicants: 417
  • International students: 43%
  • Work experience range: 0-14 years
  • Average work experience: 4-6 years
  • Average GPA: 3.7
  • Test scores:
    • Average GMAT scores: 734
    • Average GRE (Verbal): 165
    • Average GRE (Quantitative): 165
    • TOEFL (iBT): 114.

It is therefore clear that even though a Stanford MBA accepts applications from college seniors, recent college graduates, and even those with all levels of work experience, professional experience can be a plus point in your admission application. There are no minimum GPA requirements as well however, a good GPA score is always helpful and so on.

US Student Visa Application Process

International students at Stanford University are required to obtain and maintain an appropriate USA student visa. International students can apply for-

  • The F-1 Student Visa for new applicants obtained with an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility issued by Stanford.
  • The J-1 Exchange Visitor visa for transfer or exchange students obtained with a DS-2022, issued by Stanford or a sponsoring U.S. agency.

To receive the certificates of eligibility (I-20/DS-2022), international students must:

  • Fill the required I-20 or DS-2022 form
  • Accept Stanford’s offer of admission
  • Provide proof of sufficient financial resources to support at least one academic year at the university
  • Provide a copy of passport

Upon receiving all these documents, the university sends the I-20 or DS forms to the students so that they can apply for a student visa to the USA. Applicants would be required to appear for a visa interview with the embassy in their respective home countries. Upon successful completion of the visa process, a stamp is issued on the passport that acts as a visa to the USA. Students must be careful about the application deadlines and apply at the earliest as the university receive more than 55,000 applications in a year.


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