Massachusetts College of Art and Design [MassArt] Admission 2024/2025 Accommodation, Programs, Cost of Attendance, Scholarship

MassArt Admission

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Massachusetts College of Art and Design [MassArt] Admission Deadlines

Massachusetts College of Art and Design [MassArt] Tuition/Fees

Massachusetts College of Art and Design [MassArt] Admission

Massachusetts College of Art and Design is commonly known as MassArt is a public college of visual arts. Some of the most famous courses at MassArt are Photography BFA, Animation BFA, Fashion Design BFA. The college is considered to be moderately selective for its admissions and the acceptance rate reported is around 58%.

With a US College Rankings 2021 of #501-600, Massachusetts College of Art and Design records a graduation rate of 72%. The college is known for engaging its students in various activities like intramural programs among the six COF Campuses.

International students looking forward to getting admissions with MassArt must ensure that apart from the general admission requirements, one of the major components are portfolios. These can either make or break your applications. Additionally, letters of recommendations are also a supporting document that can help you ace your admissions with the college. If accepted students must be prepared to spend around 59,000 USD a year on their complete college expense.



Type of universityPublic
Annual Acceptance rate58%
Number of UG students1635
Number of Graduate students115
UG tuition fees (outside England)$39,800
Graduation rate72%
International Student Percentage25%
Application fee$70
Average cost before aid$30,700
Average cost after aid$23,131
Financial aidScholarships are available
Official website

Massachusetts College of Art and Design Campus and Accommodation

This campus is such a delight to all the students who choose to study at MassArt. MassArt campus offers all aspects for students a mix of culture, education and other resources which boosts the student’s confidence. This will also help the students to explore a lot of new things while they study.

  • MassArt has a lot of clubs other than academics for the students to participate and stay occupied and learn new things.
  • In case of emergencies, there are medical facilities for the students available inside the campus.
  • There are a total of 8 art galleries within the campus namely, Arnheim Gallery, Brant Gallery, Design and Media Center Atrium, Doran Gallery, Frances Euphemia Thompson Gallery, Godine Gallery, Massart X Sowa and Student Life Gallery.
  • MassArt Art Museum is a contemporary art museum featuring ground-breaking work by visionary artists from around the world.
  • The campus also has a sports and fitness centre for the students which help promote team sports activities.


There are three residential accommodations available within the campus of MassArt Campus for the students’ Smith Hall, Treehouse and Artist’s Residence. The residential housing is equipped with the required facilities for the students. The details of the housing are mentioned below:

  • Smith Hall: This is residential housing for only freshman students.
  • Tree House: This is the residential housing for freshmen and sophomores.
  • Artist’s Residence: This is an apartment-style housing for students to reside in with all basic facilities.

Below mentioned are the cost of housing at MassArt Campus:

Housing ExpensesCosting (in USD)
For MealsPartial: 1,940 (970/semester)
For MealsRegular: 3,430 (1,715/semester)
For RoomsActivity Fee: 20 (10/semester)
For RoomsTechnology Fee: 650 (325/semester)
Tree House Single14,950 (7,475/semester)
Tree House Double13,410 (6,705/semester)
Tree House Triple11,180 (5,590/semester)
Artist Residence Single14,950 (7,475/semester)
Artist Residence Double13,410 (6,705/semester)
Smith Double10,890 (5,445/semester)
Kitchen Double11,760 (5,880/semester)
Single12,290 (6,145/semester)
Kitchen Single12,550 (6,275/semester)

*Note: Except for students who are living in the Kitchen suite, others will need a regular meal plan. Students who have a Kitchen suite receive a partial meal plan.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design Programs

MassArt offers various undergraduate and graduate courses for the students. The duration of the program differs from the courses. Some of the most interesting streams are available at MassArt for a BFA degree. Other popular courses offered by MassArt are Photography BFA, Animation BFA, Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) BFA, Fashion Design BFA, Master of Architecture March and more.

Some of the popular UG courses and their fees have been discussed below:

Costing ParametersOut of State Resident (in USD)

Some of the PG courses at MassArt are discussed below:

ProgramsAnticipated Total Program Tuition & Fees (in USD)
Fine Arts Programs48,000
Post Baccalaureate Programs19,200
Master of Architecture Track 181,600
Design Programs48,000
Art Education Programs24,000
Master of Arts in Teaching/Art Education28,800
Teacher Preparation Program13,728

Massachusetts College of Art and Design Application Process

The students who want to apply for courses at MassArt can apply through the MassArt Application Portal. The students are required to pay an application fee of $70 with the application form.

Application Deadline: The deadline of the application is mentioned below:

Type of studentsDeadlines
FallFebruary 1, 2022
SpringOctober 15, 2021
Transfer InternationalMarch 1, 2022

How to Apply?

There is a common application online which should be completed first.

  • Firstly, complete the common application and pay the fee using a credit card.
  • Upload all the supplementary documents required either electronically or mail/deliver them to MassArt’s admission office.
  • Upload your portfolio.
  • Then, you can wait for a few days. You can also check the status of your application using the application portal.

Application Requirements

All the international students who would like to pursue their degree at MassArt need to have the following requirements.

  • Firstly, the students need to fill the application form.
  • Pay the application fee of $70
  • You need to write an essay.
  • A resume and portfolio are required.
  • Official test scores should be submitted.
  • You will need two Letters of Recommendations
  • Official transcripts should be submitted.
  • You will need a UG degree certificate if you want to take up a graduate degree at MassArt.
  • For the US student visa, you will need a declaration and verification of finances.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance depends on the program chosen by the student. A basic estimation of the cost incurred during the course of one year is mentioned below:

Estimated Cost of AttendanceOut of State resident (in USD)
Tuition and fees39,800
Average cost of rooms14,800
Personal expenses900
Stationery and books2,000
Computer or hybrid learning1,500

Massachusetts College of Art and Design Scholarships

MassArt has a wide variety of federal and state financial aid programs. Some of the few scholarships to study in US that are offered by MassArt are:

  • MassArt Merit Scholarships: This scholarship is awarded based strictly on the merit of the application of the first-time accepted freshmen applicants.
  • MassArt Trustees Merit Scholarships: This scholarship covers all tuition and fee charges and can be renewed annually for up to 4 years. This is awarded to top academic students with outstanding portfolios.

These are a few of the most common scholarships that are hugely offered to many students. Especially to those who are from Massachusetts, and students from England and so on. There are also many outside scholarships opportunities for the students. Check the official website for further details about the scholarships.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design Work-Study

Students who are studying at MassArt can work while they study. There are a lot of internships that are available and the students can apply and start working. Internships help you know more about the professional way of working and the experience that you gain from that will be very useful for your future.

  • Internships should be done only 135 hours within 15 consecutive weeks.
  • 20 hours per week for an intern is the maximum.
  • The internship employer must be an established business, organization or professional artist.
  • Internships offered to the students can be both paid or unpaid.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design Alumni

Some of the most famous people who are the alumni of MassArt are:

  • Christian Marclay – Visual artist
  • William Wegman – American artist
  • Kelly Wearstler – American designer
  • Muriel Cooper – Graphic designer

Massachusetts College of Art and Design Placements

MassArt offers a lot of placement opportunities for the students. They provide both paid and unpaid internships too.

  • MassArt has implemented a new employment system, NEOGOV which is a cloud-based talent management software for higher education.
  • They also have various adjuncts to provide good placement for the students.
  • For more information about internships, the student can visit the website and check the opening of the jobs. But it’s better to also go with a career counsellor.

The opportunities from MassArt are so vast and the exposure for the international students will be good from the perspective of their career. If the students make use of the resources provided by the college, then definitely this will be a life-changing experience for all the students who pursued their degree here. Overall MassArt provides a very nice and safe environment for all the students.


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