Cornell University Admission Deadlines 2024/2025

Cornell University Admission Deadlines

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Cornell University Acceptance Rate

Cornell University Admission Deadlines

Cornell University Tuition/Fees

Cornell University Admission

Cornell University is an ‘Ivy League’ institution located in Ithaca, US. Established in 1865, the university offers 4000+ on-campus programs in 100+ subject areas. Engineering discipline is the most pursued by international students. 51.2% of international students at the university enrolled in MS Engineering degree programs in 2021. Going by numbers, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering are the top 3 programs. Post-graduation, Cornell MSc graduates can earn an annual salary of 126,000 USD.

According to Cornell facts, Indian students (12%) comprise the 2nd largest international student body, after China. The estimated tuition fees at Cornell University for Indian students is 47 lakhs INR. Living and boarding expenses are around 13 lakhs INR. Indian students need a GPA of 4.7 on a 4.0 scale, strong recommendations and outstanding GRE/GMAT scores along with other necessary documents for admission to the university.

Cornell University campus is distributed in 16 schools and colleges. The campus is located on a scenic hilltop, away from the downtown, with a lake and forest around. The university campus exhibits 20 libraries and 30 dining facilities including one of the top 10 largest libraries in the USA. The Cornell campus represents over 1200 student organizations to provide recreation opportunities to international students.

Cornell University Admission Deadlines


The admission deadlines for undergraduate courses at Cornell University are marked for early decisions and regular decisions. The upcoming semester deadlines are mentioned below:

  • Early Decision: November 1
  • Financial Aid: November 1
  • Regular Decision: January 2

Cornell University Application Deadlines

ProgramApplication Deadline
M.P.Afall[1 May, 2022]
L.L.MFall Application Deadline[15 Dec, 2022]
M.Eng Mechanical and Aerospace Engineeringfall[1 Feb, 2022], spring[15 Oct, 2021]
M.B.A Management ScienceRound 2[5 Jan, 2023], Round 3[12 Apr, 2022]
M.Eng Engineering Physicsfall[5 Jan, 2022]
B.Archfall[2 Jan, 2022]
B.Sc Information ScienceRound 1[31 Jan, 2022], Round 2[31 May, 2022], Round 3[14 Sep, 2022]
E.M.B.A AmericasPriority consideration[15 Jan, 2022], Expedited decision[15 Mar, 2022]
B.Sc Biomedical Engineeringfall[2 Jan, 2022]
M.B.ARound 1 Application deadline[22 Sep, 2022], Round 2 Application deadline[10 Jan, 2023], Final Round Application Deadline[11 Apr, 2023]
M.Eng Electrical and Computer Engineeringfall[15 Jan, 2023]
M.Sc Mechanical Engineeringfall[1 Dec, 2021]
B.Sc Civil Engineeringfall[2 Jan, 2022]
M.Sc. Applied Physicsfall[15 May, 2022]


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