Stanford University Tuition/Fees 2024/2025

Stanford University Tuition/Fees

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Stanford University Acceptance Rate

Stanford University Admission Deadlines

Stanford University Tuition/Fees

Stanford University Admission



Tuition for 2023/2024 totals $64,350. Tuition is due in October, January, and April.

Cost of Living

For single students, room and board in university residences cost approximately $31,557 for the 2023/2024 school year. Required books, if purchased new, cost about $1,530 a year. Local costs for transportation, clothing, recreation, and the like tend to vary.  Most single students find they need to budget a total of at least $107,055 for the school year.

Laptop Computers

Students are required to have laptop computers and are advised to have a printer and modem, as well. In addition to using the laptop to write papers and create spreadsheets, students will have the opportunity to take examinations on laptops and will receive administrative notices only via electronic mail. Students may purchase a laptop from the Stanford Bookstore through a special program with the law school. Students who must purchase a laptop to meet this requirement are eligible to have their financial aid budgets increased by as much as $3,300. Only specific computers meet the needs of the law school’s computing systems.

Admission to Stanford University are offered to prospective students in the terms of fall, spring or winter. A handful of programs at Stanford are available in the summer term for international aspirants. Despite of the optional requirement of standardized test scores, acceptance rate of 3.95% in contrast to the 5.1% acceptace rate of the previous year reflects the increase in competition for Stanford admission. More than 50% of the accepted students choose a Stanford degree in STEM discipline.


  • Stanford Class Profile 2025: Stanford University received 55,471 applications, the largest pool in university’s history for the class of 2025, out of which, only 2190 applicants were admitted. International students from 72 countries comprise 12% of the total student population of the university. This reflects an increase, compared to students from 56 countries in the previous year.
  • Programs: The university offers admission to international students across 200 graduate programs and 69 undergraduate programs. Computer Science and Information Systems is one of the top-rated programs with the global subject wise ranking of Stanford University at #2 acording to QS Rankings by Subject.
  • Admission Deadlines: The university observes a restrictive early action deadline on November 1 and the regular decision deadline on January 5. The admission decision of the university is usually released within 6- 7 weeks, post submission of application. The university charges an application fee of 90 USD for undergraduate programs and 125 USD  for graduate courses except MBA. However, it offers application fee waiver to students facing financial hardship.
  • Admission Requirements: Students must be the toppers of their class in their previous academic program to acquire a place in Stanford University. The average GPA of the admitted students at Stanford is 3.96 on a 4.0 scale (~95%). Since standardized test scores are optional for Stanford University admissions, special attention should be given to the recommendations, SOP and Stanford questions.

The standard student budget applies to the typical Stanford undergraduate student:

  • unmarried
  • financially dependent on parents
  • living in a residence hall or off-campus
  • attending full-time for Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters

The budget is based on the actual cost of tuition, plus an allowance for other fees that students are typically charged, a standard amount for room and board, and allowances for the typical costs of books and supplies, personal expenses, and transportation to and from campus. Tuition, fees, room and board are all charged quarterly on the university bill.

Books, supplies, personal expenses and transportation costs are estimates of your actual expenses and included for the purpose of determining the full cost of attendance and eligibility for aid, and typically are not charged on the university bill. The amounts are based on a survey of current students and adjusted for inflation. If your actual expenses are significantly higher than the allowances, you can submit documentation of your costs to the Financial Aid Office; we may be able to adjust your budget and increase your financial aid eligibility.

Most students do not actually pay this full cost! Prospective students and parents can use our Net Price Calculator to obtain estimates of eligibility for need-based financial aid from Stanford.

Student Budget
Budget Item
2022-2023 Academic Year


Room and Board


Student Fees Allowance


Books and Supplies Allowance


Personal Expenses Allowance





New students (freshmen and transfers) will also need to pay the New Student Orientation Fee ($525) and the Document Fee ($250). These one-time fees will be included in the budgets of new students. See the Fees section of the Stanford Bulletin for information about these fees.

Health Insurance

Stanford University requires that all registered students carry adequate health insurance and offers Cardinal Care health insurance which can be used to meet this requirement. Most undergraduates are covered under their parents’ health insurance plans and often waive Cardinal Care coverage.  Our calculation of the expected parent contribution considers this expense. We automatically assume that international students will choose Cardinal Care coverage and include that cost in their student budget. For all others, the Financial Aid Office may provide additional assistance to those who do not have appropriate health insurance and demonstrate substantial financial need in order to cover the cost for the Cardinal Care Plan. Enrolled students may email us at [email protected] to let us know if you need this assistance. All students with zero expected parent contribution who do not have adequate health insurance coverage will be eligible for scholarship funds to cover the cost of Cardinal Care health insurance. Vaden Health Center provides a comparison worksheet to help you make good choices about health insurance coverage.

Other Expenses

Students who face additional expenses while enrolled that are required for them to make academic progress, for example the cost of a computer or significant out-of-pocket medical expenses, may request to have those expenses included in their student budget. We have created a Computer Expense Request and a Medical/Dental Expense Form to help students organize their requests for these common expenses

Stanford University Cost of Attendance fo international Students

The average cost of pursuing the undergraduate courses at Stanford University is around 82,000 USD (~63.5 lakhs INR). The cost of pursuing the graduate courses are variable based on the program type and ranges around 36,000-67,000 USD.

Stanford University UG Cost of Living

The cost of living while pursuing undergraduate courses at Stanford University is tabulated below:

ExpensesCost in INR
Room and Board14.39 lakhs
Student Fee Allowance1.65 lakhs
Books and Supplies Allowance1.04 lakhs
Personal Expenses Allowance1.82 lakhs

Stanford University PG Cost of Living

The cost of living while pursuing a graduate courses at Stanford University is tabulated below:

ExpensesCost in INR
Campus housing/rent13.25 lakhs
Food5.43 lakhs
Personal5.56 lakhs
Transportation1.33 lakhs
Books/supplies0.84 lakhs
Campus Health Service Fee0.58 lakhs
Cardinal Care Health Insurance †4.13 lakhs

Stanford University Tuition Fees


Stanford University Scholarships

Nearly 5,000 students receive some form of financial aid in Stanford both internally and externally. The institute provides various kinds of financial aid for its aspirants in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans. However, the university offers a limited amount of scholarships for international students in USA. Thus, international applicants needing assistance must indicate the same on the admission application.

Around 66% of students received financial aid to cut down the total cost of attendance. 47% of the candidates are awarded need-based scholarships and grants with hardly 18% of the students graduating with debts. To be eligible for scholarship funds, international students must possess either an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or a Social Security number (SSN). International candidates are not eligible for student loans or federal aid from U.S. government agencies. However, they can avail fellowships and assistantships which may come with work restrictions. Some of the Stanford University scholarships are as mentioned below.

ScholarshipAmount in USD
AMA Medical School Scholarships$10,000
African Service Fellowship$5,000
CAMS Scholarship Program$5,000

Stanford University Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) jobs pay your wages using federal funding, as opposed to ordinary jobs where your wages are paid by your employer. If FWS is not included in your financial assistance package, you may request that your eligibility be examined at [email protected]. Only a limited number of graduate students may be eligible for federal work-study assistantships.


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