Boston University (BU) Tuition/Fees 2024/2025

Boston University (BU) Tuition/Fees

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Full-Tuition Figures


Charges at the University are billed by semester. First semester charges are due in full by early August.

Cost of Attendance

Billed expenses for the academic year*

Room (depending on type of accommodation)$11,260
Board (most dining plans)$6,140


Other expenses

Books and Supplies$1,000
Personal Expenses$1,370
Local Transportation (average)$630

= Total Cost of Attendance


*Tuition and fees are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees.

Student Health Insurance Costs

Massachusetts law requires all students enrolled in at least 75% of the full-time curriculum to have medical insurance. Students who cannot demonstrate coverage under a qualifying medical insurance plan are required to purchase the University’s student health insurance plan, which is due and payable with your first-semester charges. For more information, see the Student Health Services website.

College of engineering Fees

Tuition and Mandatory Fees

Full-Time Students (12–18 credits per semester)

Tuition$30,525 per Semester
Graduate Student Services Fee$192 per Semester
Health Services & Wellness Fee$245 per Semester
Community Service/Program Fee$30 per Semester

Part-Time Students (1/2–11 1/2 credits per semester)

Tuition$1,908 per Credit
Community Service/Program Fee$30 per Semester
Part-time Student Services Fee$60 per Semester

Estimated Cost of Attendance for 2022/2023

Room and Board$15,000*
Books & Supplies$1,560*
Incidentals$4,430 *
Total Expenses*$82,974

*In figuring total expense, the student must add to the above tuition and fees his or her housing and living expenses. Residence and dining plan rates, medical insurance, and any special fees, personal expenses, or other charges the student may incur.

Boston University is a private global research institute located in Boston, Massachusetts. The university is one of the largest in Boston and the fourth-largest in the US. BU campus is divided between 3 regional campuses. The main campus of Boston University has an Indian committee with the largest cultural group, 250 active members, and 1,000 alumni.

Currently, the university is home to more than 33,000 students, out of which 11,000 students are international. Out of all the enrollments, 14,000 students are enrolled in the College of Arts and Science, College of Engineering, and Business School respectively. With an acceptance rate of 20%, BU shows a strictly selective admission policy. To apply for any graduate course, international students are required to submit a GPA of 3.0/4.0 (83-90%), a TOEFL-iBT score of 84, a GMAT score of 620-720, and a minimum of 2 years of work experience. In Fall 2021 BU admission, the university received a total number of 75,778 applications for different programs.

The average Boston University cost of attendance is 60 lakhs including tuition fees of 46 lakhs and living expenses in USA of 11-13 lakhs per year. Even if there are a number of scholarships available at Boston University, international students can only apply for merit-based scholarships. Students can get fee waivers up to 19.74 lakhs. The university has a few Indian Alumni like – Shradha Kapoor, Shweta Bachan Nandan and Shradha Bhansali (CEO of Evo Foods). The average salary offered to graduates at Boston University is 65 lakhs. Some of the top recruiters at the university are Accenture, Amazon, Deloitte, and Adobe.

Boston University Cost of Attendance

Before moving to university, students are required to be prepared with a budget for tuition fees and cost of living. The cost of attendance for Boston University for undergraduate and graduate courses is mentioned below.

BU Undergraduate Fees

Boston University fees for undergraduate courses are approximately 53- 63 lakhs per annum depending upon accommodation. A detailed view of the same is tabulated below.

Fees TypeCommuter (INR)Resident (INR)
Tuition Fees46.25 lakhs46.25 lakhs
University Fees1 lakh1 lakh
Medical Insurance1.88 lakhs1.88 lakhs
Books & Supplies0.76 lakhs0.76 lakhs
Room & Meal Plan013.28 lakhs
Incidentals3.01 lakhs1.52 lakhs
Meals on Campus1.96 lakhs0

BU Graduate Fees

Boston University fees vary as per the graduate school. Boston College of Engineering tuition fees can be around 46.6 lakhs. Whereas, for Boston School of Social Work, the tuition fee is around 17.6 lakhs. Goldman School of Dental Medicine charges the most with 67.4 lakhs as tuition costs.


Boston University Campus

Boston University campuses have three locations and the main campus is located near Charles River. The urban BU campus is 175 acres big and spread across the city. The university has 500 student clubs, Ski Racing, shows, concerts, and 50+ exhibitions annually. Students can use subways, buses, and trolleys for city travel.

  • Boston University campus includes 850 classrooms, 347 buildings, 1,772 laboratories, and 12 libraries.
  • The weather conditions at Boston University change extremely as per season. The temperature in autumn varies between 8 to 23°C. In winter temperature ranges from -17 to 3 °C and in summer 15 to 35 °C.
  • Students can explore places like The Boston Common and Public Garden, The Boston Public Library, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Fenway Park, and The Freedom Trail.
  • Students can munch in nearby Indian restaurants like India Quality Restaurant and Mumbai Spice.

The university offers excellent dining facilities for both on-campus and off-campus locations. While staying on-campus, students can choose to dine at 25+ restaurants. Students can also explore Quick-stop coffee shops and cafés, including Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. Some other off-campus restaurants include Pavement Coffeehouse – BU, Einstein Bros. Bagels, India Quality Restaurant, and Mumbai Spice. The average dining cost is 6,510 USD.

Boston University Accommodation

Boston University offers both on-campus and off-campus accommodation to undergraduate and graduate students. 70% of the students live in college-owned, operated, or affiliated housing and 30% of students live off-campus. The university offers guaranteed accommodation to all freshmen. Students can get $700 per person per month in places like Brighton or Cambridge.

BU On-Campus Housing for International Students

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students can stay in BU accommodations like Large traditional-style, Small traditional-style, Apartment-style, Student Village, and Fenway Campus.

  • Traditional Style: 8.38 lakhs-11.44 lakhs
  • Apartment Style: 11 lakhs- 14.78 lakhs

Graduate Students

Graduate students can choose to stay on various campuses like Central Campus, East Campus, South Campus, Fenway Campus, and Medical Campus. The average cost to stay on campus is 11.45 lakhs per annum.

Apply for on-campus housing, here!

BU Off-Campus Housing for International Students

Some of the popular off-campus accommodations in the USA are mentioned below. Housing charges vary with the choice of room types.

Housing TypeCost in INR
Pierce Boston2.56 – 9.68 lakhs
Fenway Triangle2.46 – 18.82 lakhs
Addison1.82 – 3.46 lakhs
Van Ness2.24 – 13.08 lakhs
Ten Essex2.29 – 4.74 lakhs

Boston University Scholarships

Boston University scholarships in the USA are offered to both of its domestic and international students. Every year 100% of undergraduate students receive merit-based scholarships. BU awards $329.5 million in financial aid to undergraduates.

International students can only apply for BU merit-based scholarships. Need-based scholarships are not available for international students and they are required to show evidence of enough funds to cover tuition fees and the cost of living.

The two types of scholarships available to international students are:

  • Trustee Scholarship: The scholarship is offered to 20 outstanding students with a GPA of 4.
  • Presidential Scholarship: The university awards $25,000 (19.75 INR) tuition that is renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study.

To apply for scholarships, students need to apply by December 1 and submit a written essay of 600 words. The two topics for the scholarship essay are mentioned below.

  • Howard Thurman, who was the dean of BU’s Marsh Chapel from 1953 to1965, once wrote: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Can you describe a particular experience you have had or an activity you participate in that makes you come alive? How would you try to integrate that experience or activity into your time at BU?
  • Describe a time when you felt out of your comfort zone or marginalized in a situation. How did you respond to that moment and how has it informed your actions moving forward?

Graduate students at Metropolitan College can apply for assistantships through their academic departments or programs. Also, 90% of MBA applicants receive awards that are enough to cover half of the tuition fees.


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