California Institute of Technology CALTECH Tuition/Fees 2024/2025

CALTECH Tuition/Fees

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Cost of Attendance


California Institute of Technology popularly known as CalTech is a well-renowned research institute for Science and Engineering. It is one of the hardest institutions to gain admission in USA. Caltech grants admission to less than 1000 students in an academic year for undergraduate education. The university exhibits an acceptance rate of 6.7%, demonstrating a highly selective admission policy.

The university has an international population of around 7.9% in its undergraduate programs and 44.53% in graduate programs. Caltech has no minimum GPA requirement. The majority of accepted applicants, however, have a GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale (~89-90%) and are in the top 10% of their class.The estimated cost of attendance at Caltech is 65.41 lakhs for UG programs and 69.41 lakhs for PG programs. This cost includes a tuition fee of 45.49 lakhs and 44.84 lakhs respectively.

California Institute of Technology has achieved the #1 position in education subcategory of America’s best employers according to Forbes, 2022. The university provides extensive career support to its students through the Career Development Center. After graduation, Caltech students earn an average starting salary of 105,500 USD per annum.


  • Program Availability: International students are offered with 28 UG majors 12 UG minors available 31 graduate degree programs in California Institute of Technology. The university has more students in graduate courses than undergraduate programs.
  • Strong Alumni Network: The university is home to some 7 Nobel laureates and 58 National Medal of Science winners.
  • Weather: California is known for its gorgeous year-round Southern California weather. The highest temperature reaches upto 45°C and lowest is -8.3°C.
  • Transportation: Caltech offers free metro pass to its students which helps in cost of living for international students.


  • Expensive Cost of Living: Pasadena, California is an expensive city. Which makes cost of attendance at Caltech quite expensive. Especially housing costs.
  • Safety Issue: California has a higher than average crime rates, which makes safety a major issue for international students.

California Institute of Technology Cost of Attendance for international students

Caltech accepts a number of direct charges from the students taking admission. Students are advised to make an estimated budget to study in the institution before applying. The following table provides the approximate costs of studying in the institute:

Type of ExpenseAnnual Cost for Undergraduate (in INR)Annual Cost for Graduate ( in INR)
Tuition fees45.49 lakhs44.84 lakhs
Mandatory fee0.38 lakhs1.63 lakhs
Accommodation8.41 lakhs9.28 lakhs
Meal6.06 lakhs7.09 lakhs
Books and supplies1.11 lakhs1.08 lakhs
Pesronal expenses2.1 lakhs3.63 lakhs
Transportation1.86 lakhs1.86 lakhs
Total65.41 lakhs69.41 lakhs

California Institute of Technology Scholarships

Caltech does not offer any merit-based scholarships but meets the 100% requirement of the students with a demonstrated need for financial aid. The institute gives scholarships, loans, awards, grants only on the basis of the needs of the students and even helps them to locate work while studying to support their finances. International applicants can apply to various external scholarships for international students in USA.


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