Columbia University Tuition/Fees 2024/2025

Columbia University Tuition/Fees

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Columbia University admissions are extremely selective with an acceptance rate of 6.7%. In the recent academic year, the University received 40,203 applications and admitted 2,214 students from 152 countries. The majority of students enroll in master’s programs at Columbia University. The most enrolled master’s programs at Columbia University are Engineering, Professional Studies, and Business with a student enrollment of 3,218, 2,579, and 2,048 respectively.

  • Admission Requirements: Columbia does not have a minimum GPA score requirement. However, the average GPA of admitted students at the university is 3.19 for UG programs and 3.5 for PG programs on a scale of 4.0. More than 90% of the admitted students were in the top 10% of their graduating class.
  • UG Programs: Columbia University offers 90 distinct undergraduate degrees, divided into 70 majors within 21 primary disciplines of study through its 20 schools. The most popular majors at Columbia are Engineering,  Biomedical Sciences, and Social Sciences. Also Check: UG Programs at Columbia University.
  • Decision Date: Columbia University’s decision for UG application 2022 was released in Early April for regular decision applicants. Shortlisted students must revert back before May 2, 2022. For PG programs at Columbia University, the decision usually is released within 6-8 weeks after the application deadline.

Fees, Expenses, and Financial Aid


An itemized estimate of the cost of attending Columbia College for the academic year of nine months is as follows:

Mandatory Fees$2,954
Average Room and Board Cost$16,156
Books and Personal Expenses$3,672
Total$85,352 + Travel

There is an additional charge of $510 for new students who are required to attend Orientation.

Information on planning and managing educational expenses is contained at

The following fees, prescribed by statute for each Fall or Spring term, are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Trustees. The fees shown are those in effect during the academic year.

University charges, such as tuition and fees, residence halls, and dining plans, are due and payable in full by the date announced before the beginning of each term. To check on an account balance, log in to Student Services Online (SSOL) or call 212-854-4400. A late payment penalty is assessed on payments received after the due date.

It is the policy of the University to withhold all University services, including registration, diplomas, and official transcripts, until all financial obligations have been met.


There is a flat tuition charge for all Columbia College students, including visitors, regardless of the number of credits a student is taking. Students who are enrolled for eight terms must pay the flat tuition, regardless of the number of credits they are taking. The charge is $31,285 a term.

Postgraduate special students and degree candidates enrolled for a ninth term are billed according to the per-point system; the per-point cost is $2,092.

Late Registration Fee

Students who register after the scheduled period (see Academic Calendar) are charged a late registration fee of $100.

Mandatory Fees*


Student Life Fee*$1,646
Columbia Health and Related Services Fee$1,308

*Students registered in Columbia College (Fall Term): $823; Students registered in Columbia College (Spring Term): $823

Document Fee

All first-time registrants at Columbia University are charged a one-time document fee of $105, which thereafter allows them to order transcripts and enrollment and degree certifications, and to receive the mailing of the original diploma at no additional charge. This fee appears on the first Student Account Statement of the Fall term.

International Services Charge

All students holding a non-resident visa are charged an international services charge of $135 each term, totaling $270 for academic year. This fee supports the University’s services to international students.

Columbia Health and Related Services Fee and Student Health Insurance Premiums

Columbia Health and Related Services Fee

Columbia Health programs and services are supported by the Columbia Health and Related Services Fee. Students can access the on-campus services provided by the units of Columbia Health and pay no additional charges for most on-campus services:

  • Alice! Health Promotion, including the Gay Health Advocacy Project (GHAP)
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Disability Services
  • Medical Services
  • Sexual Violence Response

All full-time students, international students, and part-time students who are on the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan are required to pay the Columbia Health and Related Services Fee. Half-time or part-time students pay a reduced fee and have access to some, but not all, of the services.  Half or part-time students may elect to upgrade to the full-time fee to have access to the full range of on-campus programs and services. For details on the fee levels please visit the Columbia Health website.

The Columbia Heath and Related Services Fee is billed separately for each term. The periods of coverage and fees are as follows:

Health Fee

Fall TermAugust 15, 2022–December 31, 2022$654
Spring TermJanuary 1, 2023–August 14, 2023$654

Student Health Insurance Premiums

To ensure students have access to high-quality healthcare while at Columbia, University policy requires all full-time students and all international students to have health insurance coverage that meets University requirements, in addition to the on-campus programs and services provided by Columbia Health. Columbia University offers the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan (Columbia Plan), administered and underwritten by Aetna Student Health. Please visit the Columbia Health Insurance page for plan benefits and cost. 

International students

Navigating the U.S. healthcare system can be complex. To help ensure that international students have access to the highest quality of care on- and off-campus, Columbia University requires all international students to enroll in the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan.  On a limited case-by-case basis, international students may qualify for an exception.

Waivers and exceptions

Domestic students who have an alternate insurance plan that meets established criteria set by the University may submit a request for a waiver. On a limited, case-by-case  basis, some international students may submit a request for an exception. Visit the Columbia Health website for more information about waiver and exception criteria.

Waiver and exception requests are due at least two weeks before the enrollment deadline (September 30 for Fall enrollment; February 15 for new Spring enrollment; or June 15 for new Summer enrollment). All requests are considered, but approval is not guaranteed. Students who do not submit a request for a waiver or exception in a timely manner will be charged the insurance premium on their term bill and are responsible for these charges.

Students must confirm their enrollment on SSOL or submit a request for a waiver (domestic students) or exception (international students) on the Columbia Health Patient Portal every year. Students will receive reminders through their Columbia email.

Please contact the Student Health Insurance Team with any questions. They can be reached via [email protected], or by visiting the office on the 3rd Floor of John Jay Hall.

Withdrawal and Adjustment of Fees

Withdrawal is defined as the dropping of one’s entire program in a given term as opposed to dropping a portion of one’s program (see Academic Regulations). Any student withdrawing from the College must notify the Center for Student Advising in writing; notification to instructors or failure to attend classes does not constitute an official withdrawal from the College and will result in failing grades in all courses.

A student who withdraws is charged a withdrawal fee of $75. In addition, students will be charged a housing fee once they leave a university residence. All application fees, late fees, and other special fees are not refundable if the student withdraws after the first 30 days of classes, and any coverage remains in effect until the end of the term. Students who withdraw or are dismissed from the University and are on the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan will be terminated from the insurance plan and receive a pro-rated refund of any remaining premium as a credit to their student account. As with other University fees, the Columbia Health and Related Services Fee is non-refundable and not pro-rated.

Medical Leave

Students who are on an approved medical leave of absence are eligible to remain on the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan for a cumulative maximum of two semesters during the course of the student’s entire enrollment within a particular school at Columbia, regardless of the length of program.

Medical leaves must be approved by the student’s academic unit and reflected in the Student Information System. Upon written notification from the academic unit granting medical leave, the Student Health Insurance Office will contact the student via their Columbia email address to determine whether the student wishes to remain enrolled in the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan.

Students who do not reply within 14 days will be automatically terminated from the plan, effective at the end of the month in which the Student Health Insurance Office is notified or at the conclusion of the semester, whichever comes first.

Any adjustment to the tuition that the student has paid is determined by the date of withdrawal. Students receiving financial aid are not entitled to any portion of a refund until all Title IV financial aid programs are credited and all outstanding charges have been paid.

Each term, students are required to register for a full program of courses (minimum of 12 points), by the end of the Change of Program period, i.e., by the end of the second week of classes. Students who are not registered for at least 12 points by the end of the Change of Program period will be withdrawn from Columbia College.

Fall and Spring Term Tuition Refund Schedule

For the purposes of tuition proration, a week is defined as beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday. Also note that the official Change of Program period normally ends on a Friday.

Refund Schedule

DescriptionCharge Assessed
No Registration$0
1st and 2nd weekDocument fee for new students only, plus $75 Withdrawal fee
3rd week10% tuition, fees, plus $75 Withdrawal fee
4th week20% tuition, fees, plus $75 Withdrawal fee
5th week30% tuition, fees, plus $75 Withdrawal fee
6th week40% tuition, fees, plus $75 Withdrawal fee
7th week50% tuition, fees, plus $75 Withdrawal fee
8th week60% tuition, fees, plus $75 Withdrawal fee
9th week onwards100% tuition, fees, plus $75 Withdrawal fee

There is no difference in the proration schedule of a school or program charging per-point or flat rate tuition.

Cost & Aid

The cost of a Columbia education will vary depending on your particular circumstances, and we encourage you to use our cost estimator tools to plan for your educational expenses with the most accurate information available to you. Still, it’s helpful to have some baseline facts and figures to start with as a frame of reference. Below, you’ll find the estimated total cost of attendance for academic year , as well as insights on scholarships and grants the University provides to make sure that Columbia truly is affordable for everyone.

I come from a first-generation, low-income, single-parent household, so finding a school that was able to support me and my family was really important. Columbia offers so many great opportunities and resources, but support is phenomenal as well. I truly feel that all of the faculty staff want to see students succeed, and will do what they can to help make this possible.

Los Angles, CA
Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Earth and Environmental Engineering

Grants & aid

  • Students coming from families with annual incomes less than $150,000 (and typical assets) are able to attend Columbia tuition-free.
  • Columbia awards more than $177 million annually in scholarships and grants from all sources.
  • 50% of Columbia students receive grants from Columbia and the average amount awarded is $62,850.
  • 19% of Columbia’s incoming undergraduates receive the Pell Grant, a Federal Grant reserved for the students with the highest need in the country.
  • Incoming first-year students from low-income families receive a start-up grant of $2,000 to ease their transition to college.
  • Students are expected to borrow $0 to attend Columbia.

In Financial Aid and Educational Financing, our primary goal is to work with you and your family in developing a plan to pay for your education. We are here to help you understand the costs and explore your financing options, and we will be here to assist you throughout your entire time at Columbia. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance in your planning. We understand that financing your education can be among the most daunting parts of the college journey. But with dedicated staff and one of the most generous financial aid programs in the country, we want to assure you that we’re here to help—and that cost should never be a barrier to attending Columbia.

I worked as a Teaching Fellow with Breakthrough Houston and the Center for Career Education’s Summer Funding Program’s support for living and personal expenses helped make it such a memorable experience.

Houston, TX
Theatre and Education Studies

Cost of attendance

  • Tuition and fees: $65,524
  • New student fees: $615
  • Room and board: $16,156
  • Books and personal: $3,672
  • Total cost of attendance: $85,967

These figures are the basis for determining financial aid eligibility, although individual student expenses may vary.

The room and board figure represents a first-year student living on campus for the full year. Room and board for non-first year students is based on the standard room charge and Meal Plan B. Students who choose to live off campus will have the same allowance for their out-of-pocket housing and meal expenses.

Visit Student Financial Services for more details on cost of attendance.

Columbia University Cost of Attendance for International students

According to the Columbia Chronicle, full-time students will notice a 2% increase in Columbia tuition fees and housing costs for the third time in a row this fall. The cost of attendance at the university can even add up to 70,000 USD per year for some courses. The following is a detailed estimate of the cost of attending Columbia for the upcoming academic year:

FeeCost per term (INR/year)
Tuition45.56 lakhs – 58.26 lakhs
Mandatory Fees2.27 lakhs
Average Room and Board Cost11.63 lakhs
Books and Personal Expenses2.71 lakhs

Columbia University Fees

The most expensive school at Columbia University is Columbia Business School with an average annual fee of 58.26 lakhs. Mentioned below are the average tuition fees of different schools at Columbia University.

Columbia University Campus

Columbia’s Morningside Heights campus is located at Broadway and 116th Street in Manhattan.

  • Over 500 clubs and organizations are available to explore, with help from departments such as Student Engagement, Multicultural Affairs, and Residential Programs.
  • Several buildings on the campus are listed as National Historic Landmarks, including the Philosophy Hall or ‘the site of the invention of the FM radio’.
  • Acquiring more than 6 city blocks, the Morningside Heights campus is spread over an area of 32 acres with other institutional centers nearby.
  • Manhattanville has been added to the university campuses since 2008 and cloaks about 17 acres of the city area.
  • Stretched over 8 streets, the campus houses Columbia Business School, Jerome L. Greene Center, and School of International and Public Affairs buildings.

Columbia University Accommodation

Most of the Columbia dorms are located in the Morningside Heights and Manhattan Valley neighborhoods. The university also has residence halls within 20 minutes from the campus, in Riverdale. At Columbia, 92% of the students live in college-owned, operated, or affiliated housing and 8% of students live off-campus. The average annual rent for international students in mentioned below:

  • First-Year Residents- 7.11 lakhs
  • Upper Class- 7.90 lakhs

Columbia University Off-Campus Accommodation

In addition to Columbia University housing, services are available for Columbia students who are interested in accommodation that is not owned or run by the University, as well as sublets available directly from tenants in Columbia housing. The Off-Campus Housing Assistance (OCHA) division at Columbia University assists students and affiliates in their search for rented housing in the metropolitan region.

Columbia University Scholarships

Columbia’s financial aid package includes several options for those who are looking for scholarships to study in the US. Popular scholarships for international students include –

ScholarshipAvailabilityApplicationAmount award(in INR)
Helen Lansdowne Resor ScholarshipAvailable to women enrolled in Architecture, Business, Communication, etc.Required7.55 lakhs
Fulbright-Nehru Master’s FellowshipsMinimum 55% in bachelor’s program; At least 3+ years of work experience; Community service experienceRequiredTuition fees; partial living expenses; Healthcare expenses
Business Studies ScholarshipAvailable to Management, Economics, and Marketing studentsNot Required1.50 lakhs
Northwest IB ScholarshipOffered to the first 20 IB School GraduatesNot Required0.75 lakhs
International Merit ScholarshipAvailable to International freshmen studentsRequiredUpto 2.26 lakhs
Debesh-Kamal Scholarship for Higher StudiesBelow 30 years of age; Preferably enrolling in social science or related programRequired1 lakh

Work While Study at Columbia University

Work-study programs, part-time positions in university departments, internships both on and off-campus, and teaching or research assistantships are all available to Columbia University students. Each school’s Career Center prepares graduating students for the employment market. The Federal Work-Study program is a form of financial assistance provided to students through part-time employment.

Once You’ve Found an On-Campus Job at Columbia University. An international student must follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Apply for a Social Security Number
Step 2: Complete an I-9 Employment Verification Authorization Form

Furthermore, there are several country-specific outside scholarships for international students. There are plenty of funding options for Indian students in USA and other countries.


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