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SPOORNET Bursaries 2019/2020 | 2019 Spoornet Bursary Application Forms & PDFs

SPOORNET Bursaries 2019/2020 | 2019 Spoornet Bursary Application Forms & PDFs

SPOORNET Bursaries

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According to Wikipedia, a bursary is a monetary award made by an institution to individuals or groups of people who cannot afford to pay full fees. In return for the bursary the individual is usually obligated to be employed at the institution for the duration as the bursary.

According to The Good Schools Guide, a bursary is “usually for helping out the impoverished but deserving and those fallen on hard times

Having totally told you what a bursary is about, its high time we quickly take a look at the topic of today “SPOORNET Bursaries 2019/2020 | 2019 Spoornet Bursary Application Forms & PDFs”.

In this guide, you shall get all the information relating to the bursary and how to go about the application especially the application deadline.

SPOORNET Bursaries 2019/2020 | 2019 Spoornet Bursary Application Forms & PDFs

Spoornet is part of Transnet South Africa who is the largest freight transport company. Transnet has 5 main divisions namely, Transnet Engineering, Transnet Freight Rail, Transnet Port Terminals, Transnet National Ports Authority, Transnet Pipelines and Specialist Unit.

Their Philosophy is “One Company, One Vision”. They are proud to announce that they feel their Business Philosophy is not only applied to their Business but also to prospective candidates that apply for their Bursaries. They welcome all applicants that would like to share a potential future with the company and they would like to assist you to realize all your dreams.

(SPOORNET)Transnet Freight Rail Bursaries Available

Transnet freight rail is proud to offer you the following with their bursary program:

  • They will cover all tuition fees
  • They will cover the accommodation fees
  • You will receive a book allowance
  • You can get a train ride home for holidays

Service Contract

You will be required to work one year for each year of your studies for the company. Full-time bursaries are only given once a year and in relation to the companies employment need. Full-time candidates will be viewed as impending employees but that might change after the bursary term has been completed depending on the need of the company by that time.

Study Fields

Bursaries in the fields of Commercial Science, Physical Science, and Technical Studies will be open as the requirement in the company becomes available. The following subjects might be needed.

B.Com. in the following subjects:

  • Accounting
  • Business Economics
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Personnel Management
  • Transport Economics
  • Systems – Information
  • Relations – Industrial
  • Psychology – Industrial

B.Sc. Engineering in the following subjects:

  • Electro Mechanical
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Electronic
  • Industrial
  • Metallurgy
  • Civil

B.A. with the following subjects:

  • Psychology
  • Psychology – Industrial
  • B.Sc. Computer Science

National Diploma in the following fields:

  • Engineering Metallurgy
  • Engineering Industrial
  • Engineering Mechanical
  • Engineering Electrical
  • Engineering Civil
  • Engineering Electronic
  • Cost and Marketing Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Horticulture
  • Public health
  • Information Technology

Transnet Freight Rail Bursary Requirements

The candidate will be required to work one year for every one year of study and if they fail they must repeat it at their own cost. If the candidate fails to complete and honor the agreement the bursary will then become payable according to the terms of the agreement. If the candidate performs satisfactorily every year, the bursary will be renewed for the next year.

If you have the following then you can apply for a bursary with Spoornet:

  • You must be a South African Citizen
  • You must meet the standard for entry in your chosen field at the Institute
  • You have already partially completed some kind of qualification and thus are higher than the normal achiever
  • You must possess a valid South African ID

SPOORNET Bursary Online Application

Bursaries online applications are not available but you can download or print the application here:

Transnet Freight Rail Application Form

Once you have completed the form you need to mail it to Transnet Freight Rail. Check the link above for the correct address.

You need to ensure that the following accompany your application:

  • Grade 11 & Grade 12 results for scholars – must be the newest results
  • Grade 12 & Academic results for students – must be the newest results
  • University & Technology candidates need to provide a record partial/experimental training received
  • Certified copy of your ID

Bursary Closing Date

Their applications open 1st May and close end of July yearly. You will have to apply before July of the current year to be considered for the next year’s bursary program.

Once the selection process is completed The Bursary department will notify the candidates that have been selected for a secondary or tertiary level. These candidates will be invited to do an interview with the company. Separate interviews will take place depending on where you are situated and where the opening in the company exists, they are as follow:

  • Johannesburg
  • Durban
  • Cape Town
  • Bloemfontein

Final award of bursary and selecting the ideal candidate will depend on the following:

  • The interview
  • The candidate’s academic results – must be satisfactory
  • Is the candidate medically fit

If all you have read here is what you are looking for and you would like to have a chance to work for Spoornet / Transnet then you should apply. Keep in mind that they only have bursary positions if there is a need to have a look on their website and see if there is something for you or contact the bursary department. If you have a passion for trains and technology then you could just be finding yourself in the right place.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “SPOORNET Bursaries 2019/2020 | 2019 Spoornet Bursary Application Forms & PDFs”.

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