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Bursaries for Speech & Language Therapy 2020/2021 & How to Win One Easily

Bursaries for Speech & Language Therapy 2020/2021 & How to Win One Easily

Bursaries for Speech & Language Therapy

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Speech-Language Pathology is a field of expertise practiced by a clinician known as a speech-language pathologist (SLP) or a speech therapist. SLP is considered a “related health profession” or “allied health profession” along with audiology, behavior analysis, optometry, occupational therapy, clinical psychology, physical therapy, and others.

SLPs specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of communication disorders (speech disorders and language disorders), cognitive-communication disorders, voice disorders, and swallowing disorders. SLPs also play an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder (often in a team with pediatricians and psychologists).

A common misconception is that speech-language pathology is restricted treatment of articulation disorders (e.g. helping English speaking individuals enunciate the traditionally difficult “r”) and/or the treatment of individuals who stutter. In fact, speech-language pathology is concerned with a broad scope of speech, language, swallowing, and voice issues involved in communication, some of which include:

  • Word-finding and other semantic issues, either as a result of a specific language impairment (SLI) such as a language delay or as a secondary characteristic of a more general issue such as dementia.
  • Social communication difficulties involving how people communicate or interact with others (pragmatics).
  • Language impairments, including difficulties creating sentences that are grammatical (syntax) and modifying word meaning (morphology).
  • Literacy impairments (reading and writing) related to the letter-to-sound relationship (phonics), the word-to-meaning relationship (semantics), and understanding the ideas presented in a text (reading comprehension).
  • Voice difficulties, such as a raspy voice, a voice that is too soft, or other voice difficulties that negatively impact a person’s social or professional performance.
  • Cognitive impairments (e.g., attention, memory, executive function) to the extent that they interfere with communication.

The components of speech production include:

The components of language include:

  • Phonology (manipulating sound according to the rules of a language);
  • Morphology (understanding components of words and how they can modify meaning);
  • Syntax (constructing sentences according to the grammatical rules of a target language);
  • Semantics (interpreting signs or symbols of communication such as words or signs to construct meaning);
  • Pragmatics (social aspects of communication)

Bursaries for Speech & Language Therapy

Speech Therapy is the study speech patterns, interpretation, disorders of the mouth, swallowing and speech. It can also be named language therapy of speech-language pathology. This field includes the speech production, respiratory, voice and aeromechanical components.

Bursaries for speech therapy and speech pathology are offered by a couple of companies in South Africa. Have a look at these companies listed below if you want to study speech therapy.

Bursaries for Speech Therapy

Here are some study fields if considering speech therapy as a career:

  • Speech Therapist
  • Language Therapist
  • Lexicographer
  • Language Teacher
  • Publish Proofreader / Copy Editor
  • Translator

You may also look at the following fields:

  • Editorial Assistant
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Social Researcher
  • Librarian

With a degree in speech therapy you can work in many different industries. These range from teaching, therapist, research, management, clinical studies and many other sectors or industries. Speech therapy gives you the chance to work with a variety of people or groups even.

You work can include families, adults, children, groups and individuals. Your work can entail support, assessment, diagnoses, prevention and treatment. Speech problems can occur in babies and even the elderly and can be caused by a number of issues.

If you are seeking bursaries for speech therapy to study in this field you must meet the requirements of each company to be eligible before applying. Some of the requirements may be as following and more:

  • All applicants must have a valid ID document.
  • All applicants be South African citizens.
  • All applicants must have excellent academic records
  • All applicants must be able to work as part of a team.
  • All applicants must have remarkable language skills for communication.

Speech and speech production is an important part of everyday life. If you love working with people and helping others, then this field may be your chosen career path.

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