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List Of Courses Offered in Federal College of Education Obudu

List Of Courses Offered in Federal College of Education Obudu

Courses Offered in Federal College of Education Obudu

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The department of Adult Education came to existence in February 2007 following a guide and directive by National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE). Pioneer staff of the department are: Mr. Peter Aniah, Mrs. Ngurukwem Chinyere, Mrs. Regina Igbo, Mrs. Felicia Angiating and late Mrs. Bernard Oyoyo. In order to meet the NCCE minimum staff requirement, Dr. Peter Betiang, Mr. Francis Adida, Mr. Mark Nke and Mr. Neji Mpantor formally in educational foundations were redeployed to join and kick-start the department as one of the departments in school of education.

Even though JAMB candidates of 2006/2007 academic session did not apply to the department, successful candidates were encouraged to combine Adult Education with a teaching subject. Surprisingly this session recorded an impressive population of 272 students. This range of population continued till 2010/2011 session when the department witnessed a sharp drop in student enrollment because Adult Education became double major, and has become a problem.

In 2011/2012 academic session, having fulfilled the requirement of the National Universities Commission, the department was granted right along side with some department in the college to run degree programme in affiliation with University of Calabar. Amid scarce resources over the years, there exist harmonious working relationship among staff and between staff and students leading to the graduation of good number of students of both the NCE and the degree programmes on a yearly basis.

Following the recent restructuring of the NCE programmes by National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE). In 2015/2016 academic session, the department of Adult Education is in the newly created school of Adult, Non – formal and special education. The department has 15 academic staff 4 Non – academic staff with Dr. Peter Aniah Betiang as the pioneer dean of the school.

Courses Offered in Federal College of Education Obudu

    • Agricultural Science
    • Agricultural Science and Education
    • Biology / Chemistry
    • Biology / Integrated Science
    • Biology / Mathematics
    • Business Education
    • Chemistry / Integrated Science
    • Christian Religious Studies / English
    • Christian Religious Studies / French
    • Christian Religious Studies / Hausa L2
    • Christian Religiuos Studies / Political Science
    • Christians Religion Studies / Igbo
    • Christians Religion Studies / Igbo L2
    • Christians Religion Studies / Social Studies
    • Christians Religion Studies / Yoruba
    • Computer Education / English
    • Computer Education / Geography
    • Computer Education / Physics
    • Computer Education / Biology
    • Computer Education / Economics
    • Computer Science / Political Science
    • Computer Science Education / Integrated Science
    • Computer Science Education / Mathematics
    • Early Childhood Care Education
    • Economics / English
    • Economics / French
    • Economics / Igbo
    • Economics / Mathematics
    • Economics / Yoruba
    • Economics / Social Studies
    • Education and Christian Religious Studies
    • Education and English Language
    • Education and French
    • Education and Mathematics
    • Education and Social Studies
    • Educational Administration and Planning
    • Elementary Education
    • English / French
    • English / Geography
    • English / Igbo
    • English / Igbo L2
    • English / Integrated Science
    • English / Mathematics
    • English / Political Science
    • English / Social Studies
    • English / Theatre Arts
    • English / Yoruba L2
    • Fine And Applied Art
    • French / Social Studies
    • French / Hausa L2
    • French / Ibibio
    • French / Igbo
    • French / Igbo L2
    • French / Mathematics
    • French / Political Science
    • French / Theatre Arts
    • French / Yoruba L2
    • Geography / French
  • Geography / Integrated Science
  • Geography / Mathematics
  • Geography / Yoruba
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Hausa / Igbo
  • Hausa / Political Science
  • Hausa / Yoruba L2
  • Hausa L2 / Social Studies
  • Home Economics
  • Human / Theatre Arts
  • Igbo / Hausa L2
  • Igbo / Political Science
  • Igbo / Social Studies
  • Igbo / Yoruba
  • Igbo / Yoruba L2
  • Igbo / Theatre Arts
  • Igbo L2 / Social Studies
  • Integrated Science / Mathematics Education
  • Integrated Science / Physics
  • Mathematics / Physics
  • Mathematics / Social Studies
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Political Science / Yoruba
  • Political Science / Social Studies
  • Social Studies
  • Theatre Arts / Social Studies
  • Theatre Arts / Yoruba
  • Yoruba / Social Studies

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