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AfriSam Bursary Program 2019/2020 How To Apply & Get Afrisam Bursary 2019

AfriSam Bursary Program 2019/2020 How To Apply & Get Afrisam Bursary 2019

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AfriSam Bursary Program

According to Wikipedia, a bursary is a monetary award made by an institution to individuals or groups of people who cannot afford to pay full fees. In return for the bursary the individual is usually obligated to be employed at the institution for the duration as the bursary.

According to The Good Schools Guide, a bursary is “usually for helping out the impoverished but deserving and those fallen on hard times

Having totally told you what a bursary is about, its high time we quickly take a look at the topic of today “AfriSam Bursary Program 2019/2020 How To Apply & Get Afrisam Bursary 2019”.

In this guide, you shall get all the information relating to the bursary and how to go about the application especially the application deadline.

AfriSam Bursary Program 2019/2020 How To Apply & Get Afrisam Bursary 2019

The AfriSam bursary Program offers selected candidates that have the potential an opportunity to complete their studies.

AfriSam is well-known for delivering exceptional quality when it comes to building material. Furthermore, they offer incomparable services and technical expertise. This company is also known for being great supporters of ecological progress as they care about the planet and environment. They have been supplying the groundwork of this continent for more than eighty years, delivering practical resolutions along with the highest quality production resources within all fields of construction.

Candidates who apply for Afrisam Bursaries must have a strong will, a passion, be goal orientated and seek to rise to the top. Their bursary program is designed to aid candidates financially, so they can concentrate on completing their studies.  This company has a remarkable standing within the world of business and is dedicated to making a change. If you are seeking for a strong and dedicated company and you know you have what they are seeking, then apply for a bursary from AfriSam.

AfriSam Bursaries Available for 2019/2020

Most of the bursaries provided by this company will most likely only be available for 2nd-year students. They also prefer candidates who are studying at the University of Technology. Their fields are quite limited to those within their processes of business. Their bursaries provide financial aid to talented candidates who are in need.

Thus, if you are a full-time student within one of the following fields and you meet all set stipulation, you may apply when they have bursaries available.

Fields of study:

  • Mining – Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Artisans

AfriSam Bursary Requirements

Candidates wishing to apply for Afrisam Bursaries must adhere to their requirements. These may differ depending on the field of study. Nonetheless, they do have a list of basic stipulations that candidates must have.

These requirements may be as follow:

  • Applicants must have a valid ID Document
  • Applicants must have an academic level of a minimum of 65%
  • Applicant must be in need of financial aid

Applicants must include the following with their applications:

  • Certified copy of ID
  • Certified copy of academic results
  • Proof of financial need
  • Complete and up to date Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter containing your reasons for applying within the specified field (500/words) and why AfriSam is the ideal starting point for your career

AfriSam Bursary Online Application Forms

AfriSam bursaries application online can be accessed on their website.

Apply for this bursary

Here on this site, you can find the link to their bursaries at the bottom of the page. It will be listed under the ‘Careers’ tab. Candidates will, however, need to register with the company before being able to apply.

If interested and the relevant candidates meets all the stipulations, applicants may apply to their bursary program when it is open. Please ensure you have all documentation ready and up to date. Then register, create an online CV and apply.

AfriSam Bursaries: Closing Date

Closing date for applications with this company is usually the beginning of each year depending on the need of the company. Interested individuals may look at bursary opening from the October each year, yet, some may only open the end of each year. These will also depend on the projected need within the company.

Late applications, incomplete applications or applications missing documentation will not be taken into consideration. If you want to make a difference in your life and become a better person, change your fate today. Make your own choices and life the dream, this company may just be what you are looking for.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “AfriSam Bursary Program 2019/2020 How To Apply & Get Afrisam Bursary 2019”.

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