List Of Courses Offered In Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu

List Of Courses Offered In Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu


Courses Offered In Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu

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Welcome to FCE Eha-Amufu School Portal. This portal provides avenue for students of FCE Eha-Amufu to have access all the defined functionalities such as Course Registration, Hostel Accommodation Application, Checking of Result, School Fees Receipt Printing, etc. Applicants can also apply on this portal and check their admission status online.

School Motto (Discipline, Knowledge and Devotion)
Discipline is the systematic training, exercise, development and control of the mental and physical faculties. It is orderliness of behaviour, submission to properly instituted authority and respect for human dignity.
Knowledge is the fulcrum of progress. It is power, it is comprehension; understanding; perception; learning a body of facts known or ascertained by study.It conotes and denotes human personality.
Devotion is unswerving adherance, zealous and contentious attachment to duty or moral obligation..

Courses Offered In Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu

    • Agricultural Science
    • Agricultural Science and Education
    • Biology / Integrated Science
    • Business Education
    • Chemistry / Integrated Science
    • Chemistry / Mathematics
    • Christian Religious Studies / English
    • Christians Religion Studies / Igbo
    • Christians Religion Studies / Social Studies
    • Computer Education / Physics
    • Computer Education / Biology
    • Computer Education / Chemistry
    • Computer Education / Music
    • Computer Science Education / Integrated Science
    • Computer Science Education / Mathematics
    • Education and Biology
    • Education and Christian Religious Studies
    • Education and Economics
    • Education and English Language
    • Education and Integrated Science
    • Education and Mathematics
    • Education and Physics
    • Education and Social Studies
    • English / French
    • English / Hausa
    • English / Igbo
    • English / Music
    • English / Social Studies
    • English / Yoruba
    • Fine And Applied Art
    • French / Social Studies
    • French / Igbo
    • French / Music
    • Hausa / Music
  • Hausa / Igbo
  • Hausa / Social Studies
  • Home Economics
  • Igbo / Music
  • Igbo / Social Studies
  • Igbo / Yoruba
  • Integrated Science / Mathematics Education
  • Integrated Science / Physics
  • Mathematics / Physics
  • Mathematics / Social Studies
  • Music / Christian Religious Studies
  • Music / Social Studies
  • Music / Yoruba
  • Social Studies
  • Social Studies / Yoruba

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