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Top 10 Universities In Argentina 2019/2020 | 2019 Best Argentina Universities/Schools to Study

Top 10 Universities In Argentina 2019/2020 | 2019 Best Argentina Universities/Schools to Study

Top 10 Universities In Argentina

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Argentine higher education system is based, since its conception during the colonial period, on the old and dogmatic Spanish higher education system, which is basically a Continental education system (opposed to the Anglo-Saxon Model). A historic event took place in the Reforma Universitaria de 1918, a highly-popular series of reforms that took place in the oldest university of the Country, the Universidad de Córdoba that finally paved the way to the modernization of the Argentinian higher university systems as it is known nowadays. Since its foundation, it was focused on the teaching of Professions offering Professional degrees.

It is divided in three levels .

  • Tertiary Education level: 1- to 3-years degrees related to education or technical professions like Teachers, Professorship, Technicians.
  • University level: 4- to 6-years Professional education taught at Universities offering many different degrees Licentiate, Engineer’s degree, Medic Title, Attorney Title, Professorships, Translation degrees, etc.
  • Post-graduate level: This is a specialized and research-oriented education level. It is roughly divided in a first sub-level where a Specialist degree can be obtained in a 12–18 months period or Master’s degree, requiring 24–30 months and an original research work and a higher sub-level where a Doctorate degree could be achieved.

Top 10 Universities In Argentina 2019/2020 | 2019 Best Argentina Universities/Schools to Study

Public universities

  • Autonomous University of Entre Ríos
  • University of Buenos Aires
  • National University Arturo Jauretche
  • National University of Avellaneda
  • National University of Catamarca
  • National University of Chilecito
  • National University of Córdoba
  • National University of Cuyo
  • National University of Entre Ríos
  • National University of Formosa
  • National University of General San Martín
  • National University of General Sarmiento
  • National University of José C. Paz
  • National University of Jujuy
  • National University of La Matanza
  • National University of La Pampa
  • National University of Patagonia
  • National University of Patagonia Austral
  • National University of La Plata
  • National University of La Rioja
  • National University of Lanús
  • National University of Lomas de Zamora
  • National University of Luján
  • National University of Mar del Plata
  • National University of Misiones
  • National University of Moreno
  • National University of Quilmes
  • National University of Río Cuarto
  • National University of Río Negro
  • National University of Rosario
  • National University of Salta
  • National University of San Juan
  • National University of San Luis
  • National University of Santiago del Estero
  • National University of the South
  • National University of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands
  • National University of Tres de Febrero
  • National University of Tucumán
  • National University of Villa María
  • National University of Villa Mercedes
  • National University of Central Buenos Aires
  • National University of Austral Chaco
  • National University of Comahue
  • National University of Litoral
  • National University of Noroeste of Buenos Aires
  • National University of the Oeste
  • National University of the Sur
  • National Technological University
  • National University Of San Anonio De Areco

Private universities

  • Technological Institute of Buenos Aires
  • University Institute of Health Sciences – HA Barceló Foundation
  • H. A. Barceló Foundation
  • Open Interamerican University
  • Adventist University of Plata
  • Argentina University of the Company
  • Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy
  • Atlantis Argentina University
  • Austral University (Argentina)
  • University Blas Pascal
  • Caece University
  • Catholic University Argentina
  • Catholic University of Córdoba
  • Catholic University of Cuyo
  • Catholic University of La Plata
  • Catholic University of Parana
  • Catholic University of Salta
  • Catholic University of Santa Fe
  • Catholic University of Santiago del Estero
  • Champagnat University
  • University of Belgrano
  • CEMA University
  • Universidad Argentina de la Empresa
  • University of Business and Social Sciences
  • University of Concepcion del Uruguay
  • University of Congress
  • University of Flores
  • University of Cuenca del Plata
  • University of the Fraternity of St. Thomas Aquino Groupings
  • University of Merchant
  • University of Mendoza
  • University of Morón[citation needed]
  • University of Palermo
  • University of San Andrés
  • University of San Isidro (USI)
  • University of Sao Paulo (Tucuman)
  • University of Aconcagua
  • University of the Latin American Educational Center
  • University of Cinema
  • University of the Argentine Social Museum
  • University of North St. Thomas Aquinas
  • University of Salvador
  • 21st Century Business University
  • University Favaloro
  • University ISALUD
  • Juan Agustín Maza University
  • University Maimonides
  • University Notarial Argentina
  • Torcuato di Tella University

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