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List of Courses Offered In Federal College of Education Potiskum FCET-POTIS

List of Courses Offered In Federal College of Education Potiskum FCET-POTIS

Courses Offered In Federal College of Education Potiskum

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This College fosters achievement in all areas of study, but it is especially dedicated to achievement in Education, which is an essential part of a flourishing society, and a good life. It was founded in 1989.

We are especially dedicated to supporting achievement and establish relationships of lasting consequence between students and the people who teach and advise them. We offer interdisciplinary education and academic mentoring.

We foster relationships between people from different backgrounds and enable students to explore diversity in a setting that is socially relaxed but academically intense. We also encourage personal and social responsibility by creating opportunities for students to share their learning with the community and to make meaningful contributions to the places where they live. The result, we hope, are NCE graduates who are prepared to engage the complexities of life in a changing world with curiosity, empathy, resilience, and joy

Schools / Departments

The College runs six Schools with 30 Departments. Each Department has several programmes that are fully accredited by NCCE. The Departmental Philosophy, programmes, course-synopsis and course credit unit are fully articulated in subsequent sections herein




Name of School

Name of Department

Name of Programme

Business Education Office Technology and Management NCE Office Technology and Mangement
Accouting Education NCE Accounting Education
Science Education Biology NCE Computer Science/Biology Education
Physics NCE  Computer Science/Physics Education
Chemistry NCE  Computer Science/Chemistry Education
Mathematics NCE Computer Science/Mathematics Education
Integrated Science NCE Integrated/Biology EducationNCE Integrated/Chemistry Education

NCE Integrated/Physics Education

Technical Education Automobile Technology NCE Autobile Technology Education
Building Technology NCE Building Technology Education
Electrical/Electronics NCE Electrical/Electronics Education
Metalworks Technology NCE Metalworks Technology Education
Woodwork Technology NCE Woodwork Technology Education
Vocational Education Agricultural Science NCE Agricultural Science Education
Fine & Applied Arts NCE Fine & Applied Arts Education
Home Economics NCE Home Economics Education
Early Childhood Care & Primary Education Early Childhood Care NCE Early Childhood Care Education
Primary Education Study NCE Primary Education
Education General Studies Education
Curriculum Instructions NCE Curriculum Instructions

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