AERC-World Bank Visiting Scholars Programme 2024

AERC-World Bank Visiting Scholars Programme 2023


AERC-World Bank Visiting Scholars Programme

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AERC invites its network researchers and faculty to submit an expression of interest to participate in the AERC-World Bank visiting scholars programme.

The fellowship programme will enable participants to spend time at the World Bank, work on their own research relevant to economic development in Africa, and to work with the World Bank’s researchers, especially those in the Africa Region.

AERC-World Bank Visiting Scholars Programme.

The visiting scholars will be expected to be part of the AFRCE team; attend AFRCE-led activities; benefit from capacity-building efforts being organized by AFRCE, including collaboration with scholars and peers doing analytical work on World Bank Regional Flagship Studies; interact with the World Bank’s researchers; fully utilize the World Bank’s resources to:

  • Revise their draft paper and submit it to the World Bank Working Paper Series and a ranking Journal;
  • Present at least one seminar on their own research while in the program;
  • Contribute meaningfully to the World Bank’s Africa Region ongoing research and analytical work; and
  • Comply with all other terms and conditions included in their terms of reference and applicable consultancy contract.


  • Applicants must be an AERC researcher, including researchers from the AERC collaborative PhD programme (CPP);
  • Must have an active AERC research project at least at interim/post field stage or final research paper stage; and
  • The research project must be pertinent to the research agenda of the World Bank Africa Region, and imperatives for sustained African development;
  • Must have completed a PhD programme.

How to Apply

The expression of interest by applicants should include:

  • A two-page statement of interest;
  • A draft paper on a subject pertinent to the research agenda of the Africa region of the World Bank and
    imperatives facing African development;
  • If the candidate teaches a relevant course, the curriculum/course materials that you would like to
    improve while visiting the World Bank; and
  • Copy of your updated curriculum vitae.

Application packages must be emailed to the AERC Research Department via [email protected]. Up to three (3) awards will be announced in 2022. Submit your expression of interest on or before May  Late applications will not be considered.

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