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What To Do When You Do Not Understand What Is Taught In Class

What To Do When You Do Not Understand What Is Taught In Class

What To Do When You Do Not Understand What Is Taught In Class

We are aware that several of you have been searching for stuffs like What To Do When You Do Not Understand What Is Taught In Class, i don’t understand anything in class, how to study a subject you don’t understand, i don’t understand anything in college, don t understand lectures, what to do when you don’t understand something in school, what to do when students don’t understand, should i go to class if i don t understand, idont understand anything and we have decided to give you full information concerning the subject matter.

If you have ever been a student, weather you are a brilliant or semi brilliant or serious or not serious, you must have been in this sort of situation at least once. Sometimes even brilliant people do have their off day. You get to hear students sometimes say ” I don’t understand what is wrong with me today, I can’t just understand anything at all. It happens to students at times but at that moment, do you get angry with yourself, slam against the door and kick the waste basket nearest to you?.

Well in this article today, you shall get all that you should do to ensure that you don’t lose it when you are faced with such situations from no on.

Without wasting much of your time, lets  quickly get you up to speed on what to do when you do not understand what is Taught in class.

Although I have made it clear a the beginning of this post that it is very possible for this to happen to someone who is brilliant at times but most times, the unserious students happen to see this a lot through out their academic endeavors. A whole lot of unserious students enjoy not being in class as a result of several distractions which they are readily prone to. They are used to the fact that even if they don’t attend classes or even pay attention, they can pass their exams and when  they are eventually conditioned to stay in class, it becomes a very big problem.


If you want to leave this unfortunate circle and get set to be serious, then you have to conciously build yourself to become attentive in class and take your academics as a number one priority. You have to stay attentive in class and study well with the right frame of mind.

We have seen several occassions when students say they don’t like a particular subject because they dont like the teachers who teaches them that particular subject. It is a very pathetic situation. Most teachers teaching today especially in the African society are as a result of lack of other options or lack of job opportunities for them. Several of them did not even study Education and only teach as a means of livelihood. Therefore when you have a crop of teachers who are not well trained to dispense their responsibilities, apthy at the end of the students cannot be ignored.


In this case, it is very important for the Government and private school owners to make sure that they give teacher good and quality training to ensure that learning process is interesting for all students. Likewise, people who are interested in education should take up these jobs so that the quality of graduate we have from all levels of education are magnificient and excellent.

This sort of issues happen especially in the higher instituitions or universities as you may call it. This situation arises when a lecturer skips some vital parts of a particular topic and says it was supposed to have been taught in their lower levels. Sometimes, it happens that some of these students might just get lost in the class as a result of skipping that particular area and may make them disinterested.


Like i have stressed in the other point above, people who are interested in really lecturing or tutoring should be encouraged to take up lecturing jobs as well as teaching jobs, so that they can always put these students at heart and teach with all their minds with love.

There are different types of students. We have the ones that understand speedily while we have others that hardly understand on time. Idf you are one of those that take time to understand, then one of the things you can do is to read before lectures. When you study ahead , studies have shown that you follow the teaching well and assimilate better.

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