UNWTO Inspiration Africa Branding Challenge 2024

UNWTO Inspiration Africa Branding Challenge 2024


UNWTO Inspiration Africa Branding Challenge

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UNWTO Inspiring Africa – Branding Challenge invites key actors from the marketing and branding sector to present their proposals for a campaign that positions Africa as a destination in the minds of travellers.

Beyond COVID-19, the campaign aims to create a positive image of Africa as a tourism destination that support the efforts of individual countries and companies, tells the many positive stories about Africa and makes tourism a driver of development.

UNWTO Inspiration Africa Branding Challenge Eligibility.

  • Open to all those who want to make a difference for Africa through using their imagination!
  • Marketing, communication, advertising and branding firms or group of companies, start-ups and innovators, marketers, designers, brand experts and digital experts can apply.

Guidelines for Proposals include:

  • Positioning Africa prominently in the international tourism market.
  • Tell the rich and diverse positive stories about Africa.
  • Engaging African residents’ to share positive values.
  • Generating positive impact on communities through tourism.
  • Beyond COVID: outputs are expected to create a solid brand perception which will help support recovery and provide a lasting positive brand image.

 Challenge Benefits.

Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Association with UNWTO Agenda for Africa
  • Invitation to launch the campaign with the UNWTO Secretary-General
  • Speaking opportunity at the UNWTO General Assembly in 2021
  • Contribute to support African development through tourism
  • Visibility among UNWTO African Member States (Ministries of Tourism) and the global tourism sector at large
  • Form part of the UNWTO Innovation Network
  • Potential matchmaking with partners to develop further the proposal, including investors, corporations and governments

Branding Challenge Criteria.

Proposals should meet the following criteria:

  • Innovative and inspiring in nature
  • With a focus on Africa but eventually adaptable regionally and to individual countries
  • Relevant in the current COVID-19 recovery context and in the medium term
  • Integrate innovative technologies and digital tools (mobile technologies, virtual reality, IOT, Big Data etc.)
  • Open to potential public-private partnerships
  • Stress sustainability and community engagement
  • Support the economic growth of Africa and strategies to attract investment.
  • Showcase and celebrate Africa’s rich cultural and biodiversity
  • Showcase and celebrate Africa’s innovations and achievements

How to Apply for UNWTO Inspiration Africa Branding Challenge.

Applicants are encouraged to download the application terms and conditions before applying.

Apply Here Official Link

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