Ultimate Guide on Scoring 350+ In JAMB Examination 2024

Ultimate Guide on Scoring 350+ In JAMB Examination 2023


Ultimate Guide on Scoring 350+ In JAMB Examination 2022

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JAMB or Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board is known as an entrance examination board provided for the institutions of the tertiary level in Nigeria. The board’s main function is to conduct entrance exams for prospective students who choose to study in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It is also important to mention that in order to study in the tertiary-level institutions, the prospective undergraduates have to conclude the Secondary Schools Council Examination (SSCE or WAEC) there.

In general, the Jamb is a non-handwritten exam that is computer-based. You’re not going to be provided with a standard question-and-answer task. Instead, all the job should be done on the computer. As a rule, prospective students have three hours to cope with the examination, but in some cases, the officials may change the timeframe. Keep in mind that you have to provide answers to each question within the specified time limit. Now that you know the basic information on what the Jamb examination is, let’s focus on some of the ways to pass the Jamb exams successfully.

How to Pass JAMB And Score At Least 350



The best CBT practice App with an outstanding CBT practice environment just as it is on your exam day is what you will need to blast JAMB and score 350+. It has so many past questions and answers as well as Predictive questions for  the coming JAMB


Study To Understand So that it Becomes Part Of You

Reading just to pass an examination and get a good score is one of the greatest killers of a student’s potential. Even though wanting to pass JAMB and score high so that you gain admission into the university is a good goal, it is not a good enough reason to read especially if you want to maximize your potential and do very well in your future career.

When you read with the primary aim of learning something new and acquiring new knowledge, you will discover that you will start developing more interest in what you are reading and ‘interest’ is one of the things that can strengthen the chemical links and bonds between the neural traces of that subject in your brain. Memories are just neural traces in the brain that get stronger and become easier to remember with application of interest, strong emotion, repetition and revision. The bottom-line is that you have to form the habit of carrying out your study with as much interest, curiosity, zeal and enthusiasm as you can muster. This will enable you learn and understand what you study deeply.

Don’t Underrate English Language

The Use of English paper is one paper that you can finish in the shortest possible time and that is not the only advantage. Another reason you should get very much ready for Use of English is that JAMB tends to apportion more marks for their English questions. Use of English can be very simple when you have prepared, making it an easy and fast place to bag good marks if you know what you are doing. Again, you need to prepare adequately for it and master its rules. You can check out these few exam-focus English tutorials for a start.

Mentally Picture Yourself Writing The Exam Before the Main Date and Build Your Confidence

Many people usually do not like this kind of steps especially if they are very practical people because it sound weird and fairy-tale-like. But playing the scene of the exam in your mind, seeing yourself going into the exam center confident and well-prepared as well as seeing yourself coming out happy and satisfied with how well you answered the questions helps you develop confidence and deal with tension as the exams approach.

On each occasion you do this, the best method is to find a quiet place, preferably a place you can stay in a lying position without sleeping of. Close your eyes and begin to act the whole experience the way you want on the exam day from entering the exam center to collecting the papers, writing the exams and leaving the center after the exams. Play it in your mind while taking slow deep breaths until you begin to feel calm. This is an optional step as it is purely for the psychological benefits of prepping your mind to calmly handle the exam when it eventually arrives.

Practice Scheduled Timed Test Daily Two Weeks To The Exam.


What we mean by a timed test is a test that is to the real JAMB exam in which you will give yourself the amount of time JAMB usually gives or less if you want to work on your speed. At least two weeks to the exam (if possible more than that), begin practicing these timed CBT tests after which you will see your score and assess your performance. This is where a JAMB CBT practice platform or application will be helpful. This will help you work on your speed and accuracy before the real exam situation arrives.

Pick a previous year and solve the JAMB past questions for that year for your four subjects based on your JAMB subject combination (or you can mix different years) according to a time limit similar to the two hours JAMB gives in the real exam.

Time and Solve at least twenty years of past questions yourself at least Three Times

Of course, this will require time but if you can do this after studying according their syllabus even more than twice, you will not regret it. Remember, as has been said earlier, your study plan all depends on how much time you have left to the examination day and how much time you are willing to give on each of those remaining days to adequate study. JAMB has been conducting this examination since the 1970s and they should have run out of questions by now; all they can mostly do is to keep rearranging and slightly modifying past questions to make them look new.

The problem with many candidates is that they study about five recent years of past questions and they are satisfied. You hold the key to success in your own hands. Use a credible past questions for this and try to do your research using your textbooks on the questions you are not sure about. Always try to make sure you understand the answers to the questions.

Use Jamb Recommend textbooks to study according to the syllabus

This step is also very important to take note of because so many students study haphazardly. Some students give excuses such as: “JAMB syllabus is just too big, I’m not sure they set everything”, but that’s a big lie. Every exam has a focus; there are always things the examiners expect and assume that if you know, then you must know some other things related to it. For instance, if you know how to cook stew, then you must at least know what tomatoes, pepper and other such ingredients are.

An examiner then just needs to ask you to describe how stew is cooked and he has asked a number of questions all together in one. After all, it’s just forty questions they set per subject apart from English language where they set sixty questions. Using exam focus textbooks (there are a lot of good ones) study with your results from the research on the patterns they have used in past questions according to the JAMB syllabus. That is the rule in one sentence.

Practice at least 10 Recent Years of Past Questions to get Patterns.

To study effectively, you need to know the patterns used by JAMB to set questions. First and foremost, we all know that JAMB questions are usually objective and the way you read for objective type questions is not the same way you read for theory or subjective type.

Even though it’s easier to prepare for objective than the others because you can always easily infer the answer from the given options, you still need to know the common patterns they use to set their questions. For instance, if for the past ten or so years, they have set more of questions involving calculation than theory in a subject like Physics or Chemistry, this will give you a clue as to where more of your focus should be.

From some computer analysis of past questions, it has been discovered that in Mathematics, questions on geometry, trigonometry, statistics, matrices and differentiation occur more often. Also in English Language, questions on lexis and structure top the list. In Chemistry, questions on organic compounds tend to always top the list. More popular topics like this can be figured out for other subjects when you study the past questions.

Early Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

If you’re in SS 1 or 2 and you are reading this article now, then you are very fortunate. It is very advisable that you create a plan, even if it is thirty minutes daily for JAMB and start as soon as possible. If you do this and follow through, you will be smiling when others are breaking their heads trying to prepare months to the exam.

If you are months away from the exam, don’t panic because you still have a very good chance. However, you must begin now to study with a working plan as we have described in step two. If you have just few weeks left, then what you need to do is to start this very moment to focus on going through as many credible past questions as you can and revise your exam-focus textbooks. The bottom-line here is to start this very moment. Don’t procrastinate!

Maintain Your study Schedule

JAMB Recommended Textbooks 2022


A study plan works best if it is followed with consistency. Some days may not go according to plan but it should always be for reasons beyond your control. Otherwise, you need to be disciplined enough and constantly remind yourself that your future and the future of others depending on you or that will depend on you in the future are at stake.

Again, stick to your plan. You can use incentives such as eating after you’ve been able to read for three hours without getting up from your chair (make sure you don’t read while starving; it hardly works). You may also need to deprive yourself of some sleep at night because you can easily regain lost sleep after JAMB (don’t overdo this one because sleep is also very vital).

Lastly, some students find it helpful to find a study partner. Studying with a friend also preparing for JAMB allows for collaboration and discussion. When creating your study plan, check with other friends to determine if you can coordinate study sessions. However, if you tend to socialize more than study when you are around others, stick to an independent study plan. If you do choose to study with a partner, choose someone with whom you are likely to stay on task.

Develop a Schedule and Reading Time table: 

Now that you have determined available days and times for studying, the next thing is to develop a schedule. It is best to have a schedule written down so you won’t forget it. Seeing it written down can make it seem more important.

You need to know subjects that will require more time to study, especially if they are your weak points. Your schedule and reading time table will highly depend on the amount of time you have left. If you are reading this and you have maybe three months left, then maybe you will need to put in more than five hours daily for work. Please be sincere with yourself here and put in as much time as necessary.

One hour a day is simply self-deception and will lead you nowhere. Let your plan be very definite; for example, if you have 30 chapters of a textbook to study and 15 years of JAMB past questions to tackle and you need to finish it in a month, then you may need to read a chapter a day and solve 1 year of past questions every two days. Remember to have breaks in between long hours of study in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Create a time chart of Your Current Activities

Creating a time chart will allow you to see how you spend your time from day to day. Take notes about your daily activities. Record things like when you wake up, sleep, do chores, work, go out and if you’re in school, how much time you spend in school daily.

Once you have done this, check for free time available for studying and it should be up to at least three hours especially as JAMB is fast approaching, if not you will need to re-organize your daily activities and create more time for studying. If you need to eliminate some activities or politely ask for permission from your parents to relieve you of some household chores while you prepare, please do so.


You must make sure you find out the average score you need in JAMB with your subject combination to nail your desired course in the institution you want.

This average score can be deduced from the minimum normal cut-off mark for JAMB that will qualify your for post-UTME for that course and in the institution. This desired score must also take into account the departmental cut-off marks set by the institution that will qualify you for admission by merit. As you read this now, make your research and write that average score down. This will help you know the minimum mark you should work towards.

After you must have done that, the next thing is to decide on that score you want. The score you want should be different from what you need to gain admission, actually it should be higher. The problem for many students is that they don’t even know the score they need talk less of the score they should want to work towards while preparing for JAMB. This is where they fail the number one rule of high-level achievement which is first setting a clear goal.

These students after writing JAMB then begin to make their research after which they now start praying to God to give them that score. God does not bless those kinds of efforts. Some students still do not even find out the needed score or cut-off mark until their result is out. It is understandable that sometimes JAMB and various schools change their cut-off marks perhaps, depending on the general performance of students but you can always make a safe assumption to work with from previous cut-off marks.

Setting a higher target is a principle in line with the saying that goes: “you should shoot for the stars, for you never know, you may land on the moon”. When you set a high and reasonable target (what we mean by reasonable is achievable; some students set targets of ‘400’ which is quite unreasonable), you’ll push yourself hard enough towards that target.

A target above 320 is high enough to spur you to action. Once you have fixed your target score, distribute it to your four subjects according to your strengths. See an example below:

JAMB Recommended Textbooks 2022


My Target Score For JAMB: 320

Use of English: 80
Mathematics: 80
Physics: 80
Chemistry: 80


Take Advantage of Time

As it has already been said, this examination is time-based, which means your time is limited, and you have to answer the questions from all subjects. In other words, make sure that you use your time wisely and take advantage of every minute. To cope with your tasks before your time runs out, you have to start your work with easily manageable goals. Pick the simplest questions and answer them first. Thus, you will save some precious time for the questions that require more thinking and calculation.

Follow the Jamb Syllabus


All examinations come with a certain syllabus that is also known as an AOC (area of concentration). Whether you’re trying to gain admission to the college or dealing with Jamb, your lecturers will provide you with AOCs. The first step that you have to take to cope with your Jamb is to check your Jamb syllabus. Use it as your special guide when you solve past questions or review your textbooks. If you read without getting your hands on your Jamb syllabus, you’re going to feel like a kid lost in a shopping mall.

Prospective students are always provided with a syllabus because the reality is that you can’t read everything from your textbooks due to the vast amounts of information. And so, the admission committee will make things easier by choosing the range of topics that will most likely be part of the examination. Make sure to use your syllabus when preparing for Jamb exams, whatever your subjects are.

Check Past Questions


One of the simplest ways to pass your Jamb exam is though using the past questions and answers. A lot of college and university students agree that the Jamb exams that they dealt with were pretty similar to the ones of the previous years. In other words, you have to check as many exams as you possibly can to be well-prepared for your Jamb session.

Read the Novel

Once you register for the Jamb exam, you will have to get the recommended novel. A lot of prospective undergrads make the same mistake – they believe that the novel is something that only art students have to deal with. The point is that the Use of English includes from 15 to 35 questions from the novel.  Therefore, you have to read the novel from A to Z, as well as make notes of every character’s name and their plotline. Whether you’re an art or science student, you will definitely deal with the Use of English and be asked to answer the questions from the novel.

Get Professional Help with Your Weaknesses

In case you have a discipline or a field of study that is your weakness, it is important that you don’t just ignore this fact. Work your way through it in order to understand the subject. Study more. Approach your friends and family members who are knowledgeable about the niche to get some help. If you don’t think you can make it on your own, look for professional help from an online research paper writing service like DoMyPapers.com. The companies are available twenty-four hours a day, which means you can easily manage your time and work with proficient experts in your field of study. Make sure you listen attentively while they are helping you with your academic issues and practice a lot what online socialists have taught you alone.

Focus on Your Strengths

A lot of college and university students have the subjects that they are passionate about. It’s no wonder that you also have those disciplines that you prefer over the rest. Ensure to understand what your academic strengths are and study them on the first run. Once you focus on your strengths, you will be able to score better in those disciplines that will cover up for the fields that you’re weak at.

Invest More Time

If you think that reading for four hours for your Jamb exam is enough, make sure to invest some extra three hours into the process. At the same time, it is important to take regular breaks to have some memory refresh. Moreover, do your best to study during the daytime because pulling an all-nighter may result in poor scores. Before the exam day, make sure to set a target that will enable you to complete the syllabus. But do not be in a hurry. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep the materials in your memory for too long. The number one rule here is that you have to read early to be able to cover 100% of your syllabus. Never wait until the examination day.

Mentally Write Your Jamb Exam before the Actual Exam


A lot of students find it hard to pretend as if they’re writing their exams because they are more practical. However, if you mentally play this scene in your head, see yourself as if you’re entering the room confident and absolutely sure about the outcome, as well as imagine that you’re coming out successful and satisfied with the results, it will help you develop your confidence and handle the exam pressure.

Every time you play this up, ensure to do this in some comfortable place with zero distractions, where you can relax without falling asleep (your bed won’t work). Just close your eyes and let your imagination bloom. Start acting the whole Jamb experience, from entering the center room to submitting your work. Play it as many times as you need in order to make sure you feel 100% calm. Of course, this step is not obligatory for the reason that it has a psychological context in it. However, some students report that this technique has helped them to get rid of all the fears associated with the Jamb exam and handle the exam calmly.

Finally, do not be afraid. A lot of students are shivering when they are about to sit down and deal with their Jamb exam. However, it is important to calm down before you get your hands on your tasks. It is exam fever that makes most students fail the Jamb. So, do yourself a huge favor and relax when writing Jamb. We hope that your journey in the field of higher education will be over once you follow these simple recommendations.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “Ultimate Guide on Scoring 350+ In JAMB Examination 2022”.

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