Top 10 Reasons Why You Perform Poorly In External Exams & How To Fix It

Top 10 Reasons Why You Perform Poorly In External Exams & How To Fix It


Reasons Why You Perform Poorly In External Exams & How To Fix It

We have seen that several students always search for Top 10 Reasons Why You Perform Poorly In External Exams & How To Fix It, write an expository essay on why student fail examination, reasons why students perform poorly in school, causes of student failure, poor academic performance, factors affecting poor academic performance of students, solution to poor academic performance, causes of student failure in examination pdf, factors leading to poor performance in schools and we have decided to look into the issue by doing this write up.

There are so many written external exams in both Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and the abroad that several students participate in. While some people/students are successful, other people fail woefully and the rate at which this failure rate is increasing is causing alarms in both local and international community.

Some of those exams written include WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB and several others and the reasons why some people/students fail is not because they are not brilliant but because they are not doing somethings right.

It for the sake of those people that we have decided to list the top 10 reaons why students perform poorly in external Reasons Why You Perform Poorly In External Exams & How To Fix It below.

10 Reasons Why You Perform Poorly In External Exams & How To Fix It

Firstly you have to note that you are not a failure but a success and sometimes this personal conviction helps but you need to still address the following.

1. You Forget What You Study

If you are the forgetfull type, you have to make sure you fix yourself well before taking an external exam. The whole essence of reading is understanding and remembering what you have learnt when you need them. You can decide to use any method to remember important stuffs that will aid you to remember. We will not mention any methods for you but we really feel you should ensure you pay attention to little details that might spark you into remembering the difficult things especially in the hall which is where you actually need it.

2. When You Did Not Prepare Well

Preparation is the key to success in anything we want to do in life and most especially academics. If you want to perform well in external exams like scholarships then you have to be armed to the teeth. You have to burn the midnight candles and study judiciously for the exam.

As they say, everyone has the will to succeed or win but what matters most is the will to prepare to succeed. Preparation is always important and if you really know what you want, you have to really prepare in all ramifications.

Therefore do your best today to prepare!!!

3. Bad Handwriting

When you see the handwriting of some students, you will shout the “Blood Of Jesus”. It’s so terrible. Some years ago I was contacted to mark WAEC exams by WAEC and trust me, only few out of a 100 had a convincing handwriting and even though they couldnt write very well, I was passionate to be careful to just make them pass.

If you have a terrible handwriting, its like an invitation to be failed by whoever is marking your scripts. You can always go back and learn how to write and you will definitely do better because you are now mature to reasoning.

4. When You Are Too Slow

Some students are very intelligent and very slow. I don’t know why its like that but these things can always be worked on.

External exams always strife to test your speed and accuracy and if you are the slow type you can always work on your speed.

One of the things you can do is time yourself when trying to use past questions to revise. Most times, past questions do come with the time needed to finish the exams. Therefore ensure you beat the time allocated to it.

5. You Don’t Cross Check What You Have Put Down

Sometimes, the 1 Mark you need to pass is hidden here. Therefore after you must have answered the ones you can answer, give time to going back to check what you have put down and most times you will discover some mistakes that can proove costly which you can correct before it becomes too late.

6. You Don’t Read With The Recommended Texts

Every external exam has its recommended texts to devour or at least scheme of study that you must cover before going to write the exam. If you fail to cover this scheme using the recommended texts, you might just be doing youself some wrongs.

Therefore, you must ensure that you are using the recommended textbooks to study for that external exam you are about to take.

7. Writing Out Of Point

This is a very common mistake external candidates make when writing exams. Some questions simply require you to just answer them and not writing stories upon stories.

Some students write and write and write and end up giving a wrong answer or totally deviating from the question entirely. These should stop and be avoided for success in external exams.

8. When You Don’t Understand The Questions Asked

Several students jump into answering questions without first trying to understand the question and often times comes at their detriment which should be highly discouraged.

If its a mathematics/physics or chemistry question, you should first consider trying to bring out your parameters and basic formulas that will be helpful to solving the question before jumping to answer it. This might just be all you need.

9. When You Don’t Have  Study Strategy

Every student should be bale to understand his or herself. Over time, you should be able to understand whether reading alone helps you perform better or doing it friends. You should also understand whether attending lectures (external) before taking exams will be more beneficial to you than than reading and preparing all by yourself.

What am saying in essence is that understanding yourself might just be all that is need to know if you will fail or pass an exam.

10. Waiting To Copy

Several students don’t even border to study for their exam. They are just totally dependent on the person who will seat close to them so that they can just copy. Several occassions we have seen where these COPY and PASTE attitude have seen students even copy other people’s name on their answer script.

Once a marker sees such a thing,he has all rights to fail you completely. Before preparing for external exams or when preparing, ensure you take your mind of copying from anyone.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “Top 10 Reasons Why You Perform Poorly In External Exams & How To Fix It”.

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